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treaty of marriage

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  • Treaty of Perpetual Peace (1502) — The Treaty of Perpetual Peace was signed by James IV of Scotland and Henry VII of England in 1502. It agreed an end to the intermittent warfare between Scotland and England which had been waged over the previous two hundred years.As part of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Lödöse — was a peace treaty between Sweden and Norway in 1249. It ended a 24 year period of mutual hostility that had erupted after Norway s infamous Värmland expedition in 1225. Attempts for peace had already started in 1241, but could not be concluded… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Georgievsk — The Treaty of Georgievsk ( ru. Георгиевский трактат, Georgievskiy traktat ; ka. გეორგიევსკის ტრაქტატი, georgievskis trak tati ) was a bilateral treaty concluded between the Russian Empire and the east Georgian kingdom of Kartli Kakheti on July 24 …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Medina del Campo (1489) — The Treaty of Medina del Campo was an agreement developed on March 26, 1489 between England and the nascent Spain. Its provisions accomplished three goals: the establishment of a common policy for the two countries regarding France, the reduction …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Blois — The Treaty of Blois can refer to one of the four treaties signed in the French city of Blois in the early sixteenth century between the Spanish kingdoms and France:* 1st Treaty of Blois, of September 22, 1504, which proposed a marriage between… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Viterbo — The Treaty of Viterbo (or the Treaties of Viterbo) was a pair of agreements made by Charles I of Sicily with Baldwin II of Constantinople and William II Villehardouin, Prince of Achaea, on 27 May, 1267, which transferred much of the rights to the …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton — The Treaty of Edinburgh Northampton was a peace treaty, signed in 1328 between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. It brought an end to the First War of Scottish Independence, which had begun with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Christburg — The Treaty of Christburg was a peace treaty signed on February 2 1249 between the pagan Prussian clans, represented by a papal legate, and the Teutonic Knights. It is often cited as the end of the First Prussian Uprising,cite encyclopedia |… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Tours — The Treaty of Tours was an agreement between Henry VI of England and the French King Charles VII, signed on May 22 1444. The terms stipulated the marriage of Charles VII s fifteen year old niece, Margaret of Anjou, to Henry VI and the agreement… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Le Goulet — The Treaty of Le Goulet was signed by the kings John of England and Philip II of France in May 1200 and meant to settle once and for all the claims the Norman kings of England had as Norman dukes on French lands. Hence it concerned bringing an… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Greenwich — The Treaty of Greenwich (also known as the Treaties of Greenwich) contained two agreements both signed on 1 July, 1543 in Greenwich between representatives of England and Scotland. The accord, overall, entailed a plan developed by Henry VIII of… …   Wikipedia


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