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  • 1 geçişme

    n. crossing, intersection; place where a road or railroad tracks can be crossed; crossbreeding
    * * *
    1. osmose 2. osmosis

    Turkish-English dictionary > geçişme

  • 2 inç başına iz

    tracks per inch

    Turkish-English dictionary > inç başına iz

  • 3 acele gitmek

    make tracks

    Turkish-English dictionary > acele gitmek

  • 4 gitmek üzere ayrılmak

    make tracks for

    Turkish-English dictionary > gitmek üzere ayrılmak

  • 5 raylar

    n. tracks, trackage, rails, metals

    Turkish-English dictionary > raylar

  • 6 yolunu tutmak

    make tracks for

    Turkish-English dictionary > yolunu tutmak

  • 7 yenilemeli izler

    regenerative tracks

    İngilizce Sözlük Türkçe > yenilemeli izler

  • 8 fıymak

    slang to beat it, make tracks.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > fıymak

  • 9 iz

    1. footprint, track. 2. trace, mark, evidence, clue. 3. geom. trace. -ine basmak /ın/ to tail, follow. -i belirsiz olmak to vanish without a trace, disappear without a trace. -ine düşmek /ın/ to trail, follow the trail of. -ini düşürmek /ın/ geom. to project (a solid figure) onto a plane. -ini kaybetmek /ın/ to lose track (of). -ini kaybettirmek to cover one´s tracks, go into hiding. -i silinmek for nothing to be left to let one know that (someone/something) ever existed. - sürmek to follow a trail. -ini sürmek /ın/ to trail, follow. -ine uymak /ın/ to adopt the ideas and plans (of another). -inde/-inden yürümek /ın/ to follow the example (of another).

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > iz

  • 10 kiriş

    "1. joist; beam; rafter; girder. 2. (catgut) string (of a musical instrument). 3. bowstring (of a shooting bow). 4. anat. tendon. 5. geom. chord. -i kırmak slang to take to one´s heels, make tracks."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > kiriş

  • 11 kuskun

    crupper (harness strap). -u düşük (person) out of favor, in disgrace. -u koparmak slang to get away, make tracks, beat it.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > kuskun

  • 12 kırmak

    "/ı/ 1. to break. 2. to chop or split (wood). 3. to crush; to grind coarsely. 4. to fold (printed sheets). 5. to break, destroy (one´s resistance, strength, pride, or desire). 6. (for war, disease) to kill, cut down. 7. to reduce (a price). 8. to offend, hurt. 9. backgammon to win (an opponent´s piece). 10. to turn (a rudder, steering wheel) sharply to one side. 11. to mitigate, abate, break (the severity of a cold spell, the unpleasant effects of something). 12. slang to run away, clear out, make tracks. Kır boynunu! colloq. Scram!/Beat it! kırıp dökmek /ı/ to destroy, break. kırıp geçirmek /ı/ 1. to wipe out, destroy utterly. 2. to offend (someone) greatly. 3. to make (people) split their sides laughing. kıran kırana (fighting) savagely, with no holds barred; with might and main. kırdığı koz kırkı/bini aşmak to make one gaffe after another."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > kırmak

  • 13 mıhlamak

    "/ı/ 1. to nail. 2. to set, place (a precious stone) in a setting. 3. to root (someone, something) to the spot; to freeze (someone) in his/her tracks. 4. slang to stab, stick a knife in (someone), skewer (someone)."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > mıhlamak

  • 14 mıhlanmak

    "1. to be nailed. 2. to freeze in one´s tracks; to be rooted to the spot. 3. (for a precious stone) to be set, be placed in a setting. 4. slang to be stabbed. "

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > mıhlanmak

  • 15 pabuç

    ,-cu 1. shoe. 2. rubber or metal tip (on the base of a furniture leg). 3. arch. base, pedestal (of a column). -tan aşağı mean, despicable, contemptible, low-down. -u başına giydirmek /ın/ colloq. to make (someone) do the wrong thing. - bırakmamak /a/ not to be frightened off by, not to be deterred by. -larını çevirmek /ın/ to let (somebody) understand that he is not wanted, get rid of (someone) in a roundabout way. -ları dama atılmak to lose favor, fall from popular esteem. -larını eline vermek /ın/ to get rid of (someone), give (someone) his walking papers. - eskitmek/paralamak to run hither and thither (while trying to get something accomplished). - kadar dili var. colloq. He´s as sassy/impudent as they come. -una kum dolmak/taş kaçmak to be uneasy, be on edge. - pahalı. colloq. 1. As he´s too powerful for me to tangle with, I´d better not press matters any further. 2. I´ve bitten off more than I can chew. -u ters giydirmek to be a real fox, be someone one must be wary of. -unu ters giydirmek /a/ to cause (someone) to make tracks, make (someone) leave in a hurry.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > pabuç

  • 16 palamar

    naut. hawser. - boyu naut. cable, cable length (unit of length equalling 120 fathoms). -ı çözmek/koparmak slang to take off, beat it, make tracks. - parası/resmi dockage or buoyage.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > palamar

  • 17 panik

    panic. -e kapılmak to panic, be stricken with panic. - kırmak slang to beat it, make tracks, scram, make oneself scarce. -e vermek /ı/ to cause (someone) to panic, panic. - yaratmak to create panic, arouse panic.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > panik

  • 18 pır

    1. whirring, whir (as of a bird´s wings): Pır diye uçtu. It flew away with a whir of wings./It whirred away. 2. colloq. Get going!/Make tracks!/He made tracks./We´ll take to our heels./We´ll head for the hills.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > pır

  • 19 pırlamak

    1. (for birds) to fly away with a whir of wings (upon being flushed). 2. to run away quickly, make tracks, take to one´s heels.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > pırlamak

  • 20 taban

    "1. sole (of a foot or shoe). 2. floor. 3. base; pedestal; foundation. 4. floor (of a valley, river, lake, sea); bed (of a road). 5. flat top (of a hill, mountain, etc.). 6. econ. floor, lower limit or base. 7. math. base, base plane, base line. 8. iron of good quality. 9. prov. roller (used to smooth the surface of a field). - basma a wrestling hold in which a wrestler plants one foot on his opponent´s stomach and twists his opponent´s chin and shoulder. - boya undercoat (of paint). - dağ flat-topped mountain, table mountain. - fiyat/fiyatı the minimum price (set by the state for an agricultural commodity). - halısı large rug (for a room, as opposed to a corridor or flight of stairs). - inciri fig that has been flattened and then dried. -ları kaldırmak colloq. to run fast, run like anything; to run away, make tracks. - kirişi common joist, floor joist. -a kuvvet! colloq. We´ve no choice but to hoof it! -a kuvvet used to indicate walking or running: Oraya tabana kuvvet gittim. I footed it over there. Tabana kuvvet kaçtık. We took to our heels. - patlatmak to walk, hoof it (a long way). - tabana zıt 1. /a/ diametrically opposite (to), antipodal (to). 2. completely dissimilar, totally unlike, very different, antipodal. 3. complete opposite. - tahtası (a) floorboard. - tepmek to walk, hoof it (a long way). -ları yağlamak 1. to get ready to hoof it a long way. 2. to run fast, run like anything; to make tracks, beat it."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > taban

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