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to wear something

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  • wear (something) on (your) sleeve — to make your feelings or beliefs known to everyone. Some people feel the need to wear their patriotism on their sleeve. Usage notes: often used in the form wear your heart on your sleeve to make your emotions known to others: I don t like wearing …   New idioms dictionary

  • wear something out — USE UP, consume, go through. → wear * * * wear something out (or wear out) 1) use or be used until no longer in good condition or working order wearing out the stair carpet | the type was used again and again until it wore out 2) wear… …   Useful english dictionary

  • wear something away — ˌwear aˈway | ˌwear sthaˈway derived to become, or make sth become, gradually thinner or smoother by continuously using or rubbing it • The inscription on the coin had worn away. • The steps had been worn away by the feet of thousands of pilgrims …   Useful english dictionary

  • wear something down — he wore down her resistance: GRADUALLY OVERCOME, slowly reduce, erode, wear away, exhaust, undermine. → wear …   Useful english dictionary

  • wear something on one's sleeve — verb To express an emotion, belief, or stance overtly and make it an important part of ones public life. See Also: wear ones heart on ones sleeve …   Wiktionary

  • wear through — To develop a hole through friction or intensive use • • • Main Entry: ↑wear * * * wear through [phrasal verb] wear through (something) or wear (something) through : to use (something) so much that a hole develops in it I ve worn th …   Useful english dictionary

  • wear — wear1 [ wer ] (past tense wore [ wɔr ] ; past participle worn [ wɔrn ] ) verb *** 1. ) transitive to have something on your body as clothing, decoration, or protection: He was wearing jeans and a T shirt. She wasn t wearing any makeup. I don t… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • wear out — verb 1. exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress (Freq. 2) We wore ourselves out on this hike • Syn: ↑tire, ↑wear upon, ↑tire out, ↑wear, ↑weary, ↑jade, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • wear — I UK [weə(r)] / US [wer] verb Word forms wear : present tense I/you/we/they wear he/she/it wears present participle wearing past tense wore UK [wɔː(r)] / US [wɔr] past participle worn UK [wɔː(r)n] / US [wɔrn] *** 1) a) [transitive] to have… …   English dictionary

  • wear away — verb 1. cut away in small pieces • Syn: ↑whittle away, ↑whittle down • Hypernyms: ↑damage • Verb Frames: Somebody s something Something s something …   Useful english dictionary

  • wear — [[t]we͟ə(r)[/t]] ♦♦ wears, wearing, wore, worn 1) VERB When you wear something such as clothes, shoes, or jewellery, you have them on your body or on part of your body. [V n] He was wearing a brown uniform... [V …   English dictionary


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