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to treat sb very badly

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  • treat someone like shit — impolite phrase to treat someone very badly Thesaurus: to be cruel or unkind to someonesynonym Main entry: shit …   Useful english dictionary

  • treat — treat1 [ trit ] verb transitive *** ▸ 1 behave toward someone ▸ 2 deal with something ▸ 3 cure illness ▸ 4 protect/preserve something ▸ 5 be nice to someone 1. ) to behave toward someone in a particular way: She felt she had been unfairly treated …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • treat someone like shit — impolite to treat someone very badly …   English dictionary

  • treat — I UK [triːt] / US [trɪt] verb [transitive] Word forms treat : present tense I/you/we/they treat he/she/it treats present participle treating past tense treated past participle treated *** 1) to behave towards someone in a particular way She felt… …   English dictionary

  • treat — 1. verb 1) Charlotte treated him very badly Syn: behave toward, act toward; deal with, handle; literary use 2) police are treating the fires as arson Syn: regard, consider, view, look upon, think of 3) …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • treat — treat1 W1S2 [tri:t] v [T] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(behave towards somebody/something)¦ 2¦(deal with something)¦ 3¦(illness/injury)¦ 4¦(buy something for somebody)¦ 5¦(protect/clean)¦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [Date: 1200 1300; : Old French; Origin: traitier, from Latin… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • treat — 1 /tri:t/ verb (T) 1 BEHAVE TOWARDS SB (always + adv/prep) to behave towards someone in a particular way: treat sb like/as: She treats me like one of the family. | Even though they were much younger, we treated them as equals. | badly… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • treat — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun ADJECTIVE ▪ big, great, real, special ▪ little ▪ I like to give the girls a little treat every now and then. ▪ o …   Collocations dictionary

  • treat*/*/*/ — [triːt] verb [T] I 1) to behave towards someone in a particular way Rachel felt she had been unfairly treated.[/ex] They treat their guests very well.[/ex] I wish you would stop treating me like a child![/ex] Dean always treated my grandfather… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • Bear Behaving Badly — Nev And Barney Format Children s programme Starring Barney Harwood Bella Emberg Ross Mullan …   Wikipedia

  • shit — shit1 [ʃıt] interjection not polite used to express anger, annoyance, fear, or disappointment = ↑damn ▪ Shit! I ve left my purse at home. shit 2 shit2 S2 n spoken not polite ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(body waste)¦ 2¦(something bad)¦ 3¦(stupid/untrue talk)¦ 4 not …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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