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to take interest

  • 1 estar interesado en

    • be interested in
    • have insurance
    • have inventory
    • take an interest in
    • take interest in

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > estar interesado en

  • 2 interesarse

    • be interested
    • gain interest
    • get interested
    • have initiative
    • have interest in
    • take interest

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > interesarse

  • 3 tener interés

    • be interested
    • have initiative
    • have interest in
    • take interest

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > tener interés

  • 4 tomar interés en

    • take an interest in

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > tomar interés en

  • 5 interés1

    1 = appeal, appetite, concern, focus, involvement, interest, knowledge interest, piquancy, penchant, pursuit, topicality.
    Ex. Indeed, if they are not successful in finding ways of renewing their original purpose and appeal, they are on their way to dissolution and displacement.
    Ex. We need to know what and how consumers' information appetites have changed.
    Ex. The use of agents is necessary but not ideal, because an agent often represents rival concerns, and aims for a quick turnover rather than long-term profitability.
    Ex. Our focus in this text is on the first stage in the following diagram.
    Ex. Clearly, anyone having any dealings at all with the CAP needs a general understanding of how the system works, at a level which is appropriate to their involvement.
    Ex. An abstracting bulletin is generally a weekly or monthly current-awareness service containing abstracts of all documents of interest that have passed into the library or information unit during that time.
    Ex. Phenomenography is an approach that builds on phenomenological and hermeneutic traditions; its knowledge interest is to describe the varying conceptions held within a specific group about a phenomenon = La fenomenografía es un método que parte de las tradicionaes fenomenológicas y hermenéuticas; su interés es describir las diversas concepciones que un grupo concreto tiene sobre un fenómeno.
    Ex. Young was a man of singular eccentricity and piquancy of character, a person who was very interesting in his own right.
    Ex. Our penchant to organize is perhaps as close to a biological imperative as any form of human behavior is likely to come.
    Ex. What is more arguable is whether or not it is a bibliographical pursuit at all since it bears little relationship to the physical nature of the book.
    Ex. This year, the event is gaining topicality because of the EU enlargement.
    * actuar en defensa de los intereses de las bibliotecas y bibliotec = library advocacy.
    * adaptarse a un interés = accommodate + interest.
    * ámbito de interés = sphere of interest.
    * ampliar el interés = broaden + interest.
    * aprovecharse del interés general por Algo = exploit + appeal.
    * área de interés = field of interest.
    * atraer el interés = capture + the imagination, capture + the interest, draw + interest.
    * atraer el interés de = catch + the imagination of.
    * caer fuera del interés de = lie outside + the scope of.
    * caer fuera del interés de uno = fall outside + Posesivo + interest.
    * campo de interés = sphere of interest.
    * captar el interés = capture + the imagination, capture + the interest.
    * captar el interés de = catch + the imagination of.
    * coincidir con los intereses de uno = match + interests.
    * combinar intereses = bridge + interests.
    * conflicto de intereses = conflict of interest(s), competing interests.
    * con intereses ocultos = agenda-laden.
    * con intereses propios = self-interested.
    * conjunto de intereses = set of interests.
    * Consejo Internacional de Museos y Lugares de Interés (ICOMS) = International Council of Museums and Sites (ICOMOS).
    * constatar el interés = gauge + interest.
    * con un interés en = with a stake in.
    * crear interés = build + interest.
    * dar interés = spice up, add + spice.
    * debate por tema de interés = breakout discussion.
    * defender los intereses = defend + interests, lobby for + interests.
    * defender los intereses de = go to + bat for, bat for.
    * defensa de intereses = lobbying.
    * defensa de los intereses de las bibliotecas y bibliotecarios = library advocacy.
    * defensor de los intereses del ciudadano = watchdog.
    * de interés especial = of particular concern, special-interest.
    * de intereses similares = of like interest.
    * de interés general = general-interest, of general interest.
    * de interés humano = human interest.
    * de interés periodístico = newsworthy.
    * despertar el interés = provoke + interest, stimulate + interest, stir + interest, whet + the appetite, heighten + interest, rouse + interest, capture + the imagination, capture + the interest, work up + an interest, pique + interest.
    * despertar el interés de = catch + the imagination of.
    * despertar interés = arouse + interest, attract + interest, raise + interest, spark + interest.
    * despertar interés por = kindle + interest in.
    * destinado a despertar el interés del usuario = highlight abstract.
    * dirigir los intereses de uno = break into.
    * el interés público = the public interest.
    * en interés de = in the interest(s) of.
    * esperar con interés (+ Infinitivo), = look forward to (+ Gerundio).
    * estar fuera del interés = lie outside + the scope of.
    * estar fuera del interés de uno = lie beyond + concern.
    * expresión de interés = application.
    * falta de interés por cooperar = unresponsiveness.
    * foco de interés = focus of interest, focus of concern, focus of attention.
    * fomentar el interés = raise + interest, foster + interest, foster + interest.
    * fomentar interés = build + interest.
    * generar interés = generate + interest.
    * grupo de interés = focus group, interest group.
    * grupo de trabajo por tema de interés = breakout group.
    * guiado por intereses propios = interest-determined.
    * hacer que pierda el interés = take + the shine off things.
    * institución de interés histórico = heritage institution.
    * institución de interés histórico y cultural = cultural heritage institution.
    * interés cada vez mayor = growing interest.
    * interés + centrarse en = interest + lie with.
    * interés comercial = business interest, commercial interest.
    * interés común = shared interest.
    * interés creado = vested interest.
    * interés + decaer = interest + flag.
    * interés económico = economic interest.
    * intereses = breadth of interests.
    * intereses comerciales = market forces, marketplace forces.
    * intereses comunes = common ground, community of interest.
    * intereses contrapuestos = conflicting interests.
    * intereses cotidianos = life interests.
    * intereses de lectura = reading interests.
    * intereses encontrados = competing interests.
    * intereses ocultos = hidden agenda.
    * interés general = public interest.
    * interés pasajero = passing interest.
    * interés periodístico = newsworthiness.
    * interés personal = vested interest, self-interest, axe + to grind, personal interest.
    * interés por ganar dinero = profit motive.
    * interés por los libros = awareness of books.
    * interés público = public interest.
    * interés renovado = renewed interest.
    * ir en detrimento de los intereses = prejudice + interests.
    * lleno de interés = solicitously.
    * lugar de interés = attraction, sight.
    * lugares de interés = sights.
    * mantener el interés = hold + the interest.
    * mantener un interés = pursue + interest.
    * material documental de interés para los vecinos del barrio = community literature.
    * máximo interés = maximum interest.
    * mostrar interés = mark + interest.
    * mostrar interés en = show + interest in.
    * mostrar interés por = express + interest in.
    * motivado por intereses propios = interest-based.
    * mucho interés = keen interest.
    * muestra de interés = expression of interest.
    * no tener ningún interés = can't/couldn't be bothered.
    * noticias diarias de interés = daily news alerts.
    * objeto de interés = object of interest.
    * ordenación topográfica según los intereses del lector = reader interest arrangement.
    * para personas con intereses similares = birds-of-a-feather.
    * perder el interés = pall.
    * perder interés = lapse, lose + interest.
    * perfil de interés = subject interest.
    * perfil de interés del usuario = subject profile, user interest profile.
    * perjudicar los intereses = prejudice + interests.
    * por interés = out of interest.
    * por interés personal = self-interested.
    * profundizar el interés = deepen + interest.
    * promover un interés = promote + interest.
    * proyección de cuestiones de interés = issues management.
    * punto de interés = point of interest.
    * quitar el interés = take + the shine off things.
    * renovado interés = upsurge.
    * resumen de interés = highlight abstract.
    * reunión por temas de interés = breakout session.
    * según los intereses personales de cada uno = interest-based.
    * ser de interés para = be of interest (to/for).
    * servir los intereses = serve + interests.
    * sesión por tema de interés = breakout session.
    * sin interés = unexciting, uninteresting, unmoving, vapid.
    * tarea falta de interés = chore.
    * tema de interés = area of concern, area of enquiry [area of inquiry], area of interest, focus area, issue of concern, topic of interest.
    * temas de interés de los usuarios = user interests.
    * temas de interés particular = particular concerns.
    * tenemos intereses en ambas partes = our feet are in both worlds.
    * tener intereses en juego = have + invested.
    * tener interés por = have + an interest in.
    * tener interés por = be interested in.
    * tener mucho interés en = have + a high stake in.
    * tener mucho interés por = be keen to.
    * tener un interés muy personal en = have + a stake in, hold + a stake in.
    * tomarse interés por = take + an interest in.

    Spanish-English dictionary > interés1

  • 6 desinteresarse

    to lose interest.
    * * *
    1 (perder el interés) to lose interest (de, in), go off (de, -)
    2 (desentenderse) to have nothing to do (de, with)
    * * *
    1) (=perder interés) to lose interest (de, por in)
    2) (=desentenderse)
    * * *
    verbo pronominal ( perder interés) to lose interest
    * * *
    verbo pronominal ( perder interés) to lose interest
    * * *
    1 (perder interés) to lose interest desinteresarse DE algo to lose interest IN sth
    2 (desentenderse) to take no interest
    se desinteresa de todo lo que pasa en casa he takes o shows o has no interest in anything that goes on at home
    * * *
    to lose interest (de in)
    * * *
    v/r lose interest

    Spanish-English dictionary > desinteresarse

  • 7 desinteresarse

    • disinterest oneself
    • lose interest
    • take no interest

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > desinteresarse

  • 8 interesarse en

    • be interested in
    • concern oneself about
    • concern oneself in
    • take an interest in

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > interesarse en

  • 9 interesarse por

    • be interested in
    • take an interest in

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > interesarse por

  • 10 tomar interés

    to take an interest.

    Spanish-English dictionary > tomar interés

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