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to strike with the heels

  • 1 caput

        caput itis, n    [CAP-], the head: Capillus circum caput Reiectus, T.: caput obnubito, L.: capitis nives, H.: capite operto: aperire: velare, L.: abscindere cervicibus: capite demisso: attollere, O.: extollere, to become bold: breve (equi), H.: coronatum (bovis), Tb.: per caput pedesque ire, heels over head, Ct.: dux cum exercitu supra caput est, i. e. is ready to fall upon us, S.: capita conferre, to lay heads together, i. e. to confer in secret, L.: caput aut collum petere, strike at the vital parts: haec alias inter caput extulit urbes, towers, i. e. excels, V.: aliena negotia Per caput saliunt, run through the head, i. e. the mind, H.: capitis labor, mental exertion, H. — Meton., the head, top, summit, point, end, extremity: iocur sine capite (of a sacrifice), L.: in extis, O.: tignorum, Cs.: cornu duxit, donec curvata coirent capita, the ends, V. — The origin, source, spring, head (of a river), L.: caput unde erumpit Enipeus, V.: celsis caput urbibus exit, my source springs among great cities, V.—The mouth, embouchure (rare): multis capitibus in Oceanum influit, Cs.—Of plants: diducere terram ad capita, the roots, V.: papavera demisere caput, the heads, V.: capitum iugatio, branches (of the vine). — Of mountains, the summit: capita aspera montis, V. — Of persons, a head, person: ridiculum caput! T.: carum, V.: duo haec capita taeterrima: ignota, L.: di capiti ipsius reservent, for himself, V.: capiti cane talia Dardanio rebusque tuis, i. e. for Aeneas and yourself, V.: Perfidum, H.: de sacrando cum bonis capite alcuius, L.: ut caput Iovi sacraretur, L.—With numerals: capitum Helvetiorum milia CCLXIII, souls, Cs.: nullum caput Proserpina fugit, H.: in capita, to each person, L.; cf. sus Triginta capitum fetūs enixa, V.—Fig., life, physical life: Capitis periculum adire, to risk life, T.: caput obiectare periclis, V.: capitis poena, capital punishment, Cs.: certamen capitis et famae: ut capite dimices tuo, L.: caput offerre pro patriā: patrium tibi crede caput (i. e. patris vitam), O.: accusatus capitis absolvitur, of a capital crime, N.: Sthenium capite damnare.—Civil life, personality, civil rights, liberty and citizenship: capitis causae, involving citizenship: iudicium capitis: capitis deminutio, loss of civil rights, Cs.—Poet.: capitis minor, H.—Of persons, a leader, chief, guide: concitandorum Graecorum: capita nominis Latini, heads, chiefs, L.: ut se Suevorum caput credant, chief tribe, Ta.: capita coniurationis securi percussi, L.: illic est huic rei caput, author, contriver, T.: ab illo fonte et capite Socrate: corpori valido caput deerat, leader, L.: ipsum Expugnare caput, the great man himself, H. —A head, chief, capital: Thebae totius Graeciae, first city, N.: Roma, orbis terrarum, L.: castellum eius regionis, principal place, L.: Romam caput Latio esse, L.: ius nigrum, cenae caput, principal dish: fundus, vestrae pecuniae, chief source of income: caput esse artis, decere, the note, characteristic: ad consilium de re p. dandum caput est nosse rem p., first qualification: caput litterarum cum alquo, reason for corresponding: Epicuri, chief dogma: caput belli et summa, V.—In writings, a division, paragraph, chapter: legis: caput Annianum de hereditatibus, passage in the will of A.— Of money, the principal sum, capital, stock: quibus ille de capite dempsisset, reduced their debts: de capite deducite alqd, L.: Quinas hic capiti mercedes exsecet, extort sixty per centum, H.
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    head; person; life; leader; top; source/mouth (river); capital (punishment); heading; chapter, principal division

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