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to hold public office

  • 1 cargo1

    1 = officer, official, position, post, office, job title, incumbent.
    Nota: Nombre.
    Ex. Thus, sometimes the information does not reach those officers who would benefit most from access to it.
    Ex. See also reference tracings include related headings such as personal and corporate headings for officials, pseudonyms used as uniform headings, etc.
    Ex. He has held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility.
    Ex. The chief librarian or director of libraries, by which title the post is sometimes now known, will in general be fully occupied with making decisions on internal professional policy.
    Ex. Until Groome appeared, city officials were chosen not so much for their ability to administer the affairs of their offices as for who they knew; hence, old-style machine politics with its accompanying corruption found a congenial atmosphere in which to operate.
    Ex. The job title is designed to indicate the group (professional, associate, technician, or clerk) to which the job belongs and the level of the job within that grouping.
    Ex. This practice of having the former incumbent of the job train the new employee is risky, particularly if that departing employee has in any way been a problem.
    * alto cargo = senior post, senior manager, senior executive, high official, top manager, senior official.
    * alto cargo público = senior public official.
    * altos cargos = people in high office.
    * ascender a un cargo = rise to + position.
    * aspirar a un cargo = aspire to + position.
    * beneficios del cargo, los = spoils of office, the.
    * cargo de director = directorship.
    * cargo directivo = senior post, top official, senior position, managerial position, executive position, top position.
    * cargo ejecutivo = managerial position, executive position.
    * cargo ejecutivo del gobierno = government executive.
    * cargo ministerial = ministry official.
    * cargo oficial = officer.
    * cargo político = government official.
    * cargo público = public official, federal official, elected official, public office.
    * dejar un cargo = resign + office, step down from + Posesivo + position, leave + office.
    * dimitir de un cargo = step down from + Posesivo + position, stand down.
    * en el cargo = in the saddle, in office.
    * en virtud del cargo que ocupa = ex officio.
    * en virtud de su cargo = ex officio.
    * jurar un cargo = swear in.
    * ocupar el cargo = be in the position.
    * ocupar un cargo = hold + position.
    * ocupar un cargo de dirección = hold + a chair.
    * persona designada para un cargo = appointee.
    * prebendas del cargo, las = spoils of office, the.
    * relevar de un cargo = relieve of + duty.
    * renunciar a un cargo = step down from + Posesivo + position, stand down.
    * titular del cargo = incumbent.
    * tomar posesión de un cargo = swear in, take + office.

    Spanish-English dictionary > cargo1

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