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to have a rest

  • 1 rest

    [rɛst] 1. n
    (relaxation, pause) odpoczynek m; ( remainder) reszta f; ( MUS) pauza f
    2. vi 3. vt
    eyes, legs dawać (dać perf) odpoczynek +dat

    to rest sth on/against sth — opierać (oprzeć perf) coś na czymś/o coś

    to put/set sb's mind at rest — uspokoić ( perf) kogoś

    to come to restzatrzymać się ( perf), znieruchomieć ( perf)

    to lay sb to restskładać (złożyć perf) kogoś na wieczny spoczynek

    to rest one's eyes/gaze on sth — zatrzymywać (zatrzymać perf) wzrok na czymś

    rest assured that … — bądź pewny or spokojny, że…

    I won't rest until … — nie spocznę, dopóki…

    may he/she rest in peace — niech spoczywa w pokoju

    * * *
    I 1. [rest] noun
    1) (a (usually short) period of not working etc after, or between periods of, effort; (a period of) freedom from worries etc: Digging the garden is hard work - let's stop for a rest; Let's have/take a rest; I need a rest from all these problems - I'm going to take a week's holiday.) odpoczynek
    2) (sleep: He needs a good night's rest.) spoczynek
    3) (something which holds or supports: a book-rest; a headrest on a car seat.) podpórka
    4) (a state of not moving: The machine is at rest.) spoczynek
    2. verb
    1) (to (allow to) stop working etc in order to get new strength or energy: We've been walking for four hours - let's stop and rest; Stop reading for a minute and rest your eyes; Let's rest our legs.) odpoczywać
    2) (to sleep; to lie or sit quietly in order to get new strength or energy, or because one is tired: Mother is resting at the moment.) odpoczywać, dać odpocząć
    3) (to (make or allow to) lean, lie, sit, remain etc on or against something: Her head rested on his shoulder; He rested his hand on her arm; Her gaze rested on the jewels.) opierać (się), spoczywać
    4) (to relax, be calm etc: I will never rest until I know the murderer has been caught.) spocząć
    5) (to (allow to) depend on: Our hopes now rest on him, since all else has failed.) opierać się
    6) ((with with) (of a duty etc) to belong to: The choice rests with you.) należeć
    - restfully
    - restfulness
    - restless
    - restlessly
    - restlessness
    - rest-room
    - at rest
    - come to rest
    - lay to rest
    - let the matter rest
    - rest assured
    - set someone's mind at rest
    II [rest]

    English-Polish dictionary > rest

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