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to get one's period

  • 1 período

    1 period, period of time, length of time, time.
    2 period, epoch, age.
    3 period, menses, menstruation period, menstruation.
    4 period, cycle.
    5 stage in a process, stadium.
    * * *
    1 period
    * * *
    noun m.
    * * *
    periodo masculino
    a) ( de tiempo) period
    b) (Geol, Mat, Fís) period
    2) ( menstruación) period
    * * *
    periodo masculino
    a) ( de tiempo) period
    b) (Geol, Mat, Fís) period
    2) ( menstruación) period
    * * *
    1 = period, phase, stage, term, chapter, interregnum, span, spell, stint, stretch.

    Ex: Library use declines during the June-October period when examinations have finished and the students are on vacation.

    Ex: This planning phase involves moving from a vague impression that a thesaurus might be useful to a fairly precise profile for the thesaurus.
    Ex: The first stage in the choice of access points must be the definition of an author.
    Ex: The board consists of seven members elected by popular ballot for three-year terms.
    Ex: The late 18th century heyday of aristocratic libraries was a brief but important chapter in Hungarian library history.
    Ex: In American higher education the interregnum between world wars was a time of drift and disappointment.
    Ex: The disc held an 18-month span of data from CAB ABSTRACTS.
    Ex: The outstanding example is Ian Sillitoe, who started writing seriously only after reading undisturbed during a lengthy spell in hospital.
    Ex: Evidence for identification is rarely available, but in a few cases very full printers' records have survived in which individual stints are accounted for.
    Ex: After all, who has not felt dog-tired and drained, sometimes for long stretches, at one time or another?.
    * breve período de tiempo = while.
    * durante este período = in the course of events, during the course of events.
    * durante largos períodos de tiempo = over long periods of time.
    * durante un largo período de tiempo = over a long time scale, over a long period of time, for a long period of time, over a long period.
    * durante un período de + Expresión Temporal = over a period of + Expresión Temporal.
    * durante un período de prueba = on a trial basis.
    * durante un período de tiempo = for a number of years.
    * durante un periodo de tiempo determinado = over a period of time.
    * durante un período de tiempo indefinido = over an indefinite period of time, over an indefinite span of time.
    * durante un período indefinido = for an indefinite period.
    * en el período penoso de = in the throes of.
    * en el período previo a = in the run up to, during the run up to.
    * en este período = in the course of events, during the course of events.
    * en período de = in the throes of.
    * en período de desarrollo = in ascendancy.
    * en un corto período de tiempo = in a short period of time.
    * en un período de = at a time of.
    * en un período de transición = in a period of transition.
    * en un período más o menos lejano = in the near future, in the near future.
    * largos períodos de tiempo = long periods of time.
    * madre en período de lactancia = nursing mother.
    * mujer en período de lactancia = nursing woman.
    * pasar por un período de = go through + a period of.
    * período bajo = dry spell.
    * período culminante = peak period.
    * período de baja actividad = dry spell.
    * período de calma = lull.
    * período de cinco años = five-year period, period of five years.
    * período de cobertura = date of coverage, period of coverage.
    * período de cultivo = growing season.
    * período de descanso = rest time.
    * período de descuento por inscripción anticipada = early bird period.
    * período de entreguerras, el = interwar period, the.
    * período de espera = waiting period.
    * período de estancamiento = plateau [plateaux, -pl.].
    * período de financiación = funding period.
    * periodo de gracia = grace period, time of grace.
    * período de inactividad = doldrums.
    * período de incubación = incubation period.
    * período de la prensa manual, el = hand-press period, the.
    * período de la prensa mecánica, el = machine-press period, the.
    * período de lluvia = wet spell.
    * periodo de mandato = period of office.
    * período de mayor demanda = peak time.
    * período de McCarthy, el = McCarthy period, the.
    * período de observación = observation period.
    * período de poca actividad = slack time, slack period, slack activity time.
    * período de prácticas = work placement, training attachment.
    * período de prácticas en centros = practicum.
    * período de prácticas en la industria = industrial placement.
    * período de prueba = probationary period, trial period, trial run, probation, period of probation, probation period.
    * período de recortes presupuestarios = budget-slashing times.
    * período de reflexión = cooling-off period.
    * período de sequía = dry spell.
    * período de servicio = tour of duty.
    * período de tiempo = amount of time, time, time frame [timeframe], time lapse, time period, time span [time-span], time slot, period of time, date range.
    * período de vacaciones = vacation period.
    * período de validez = period of validity.
    * período de vigencia = time span [time-span].
    * período de votación = balloting period.
    * período escolar = school days.
    * período glacial = ice age.
    * periodo histórico = historical period.
    * período medieval = mediaeval period [medieval period, -USA], mediaeval times [medieval times, -USA].
    * período positivo = bonanza.
    * período previo = run-up.
    * período previo a la lectura = prereading.
    * período seco = dry spell.
    * período transitorio = transitional period, transition period.
    * período ventajoso = bonanza.
    * por un período de tiempo limitado = on a short-term basis.
    * préstamo de periodo fijo = fixed date loan period.
    * trabajar durante un período de tiempo = serve + stint.
    * un período de = a stretch of.
    * un período determinado = a frozen moment in time.
    * un periodo intenso de = a flurry of.

    2 = period.

    Ex: The debate on whether or not a woman can get pregnant during her period has been going on for decades now.

    * del período = menstrual.

    * * *
    período, periodo
    1 (de tiempo) period
    un período de prueba de tres meses a three-month trial period
    el período de entreguerras the period o the time o the years between the wars
    2 ( Geol) period
    3 ( Mat) period
    4 ( Fís) period
    waiting period
    * * *


    Multiple Entries:
    periodo sustantivo masculino

    periodo, período sustantivo masculino
    1 (espacio de tiempo) period
    2 (menstruación) tener el periodo, to have one's period
    periodo, período sustantivo masculino
    1 (espacio de tiempo) period
    2 (menstruación) tener el periodo, to have one's period

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    * * *
    periodo, período nm
    1. [espacio de tiempo] period;
    el primer periodo [de partido] the first half
    periodo contable accounting period;
    periodo de gestación gestation period;
    Com periodo de gracia days of grace;
    periodo de incubación incubation period;
    periodo de prácticas trial period;
    periodo de prueba trial period;
    Ind periodo de reflexión [en disputa] cooling-off period;
    periodo refractario refractory period;
    periodo de transición transition period
    2. Mat period
    3. Fís period
    4. Geol age
    periodo glacial ice age;
    periodo interglacial interglacial period
    5. [menstruación] period;
    estar con el periodo, tener el periodo to be having one's period
    6. Ling period
    * * *
    m period
    * * *
    : period
    * * *
    período n period

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