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to effect

  • 1 effectus

        effectus ūs, m    [ex + 2 FAC-], an effecting, execution, accomplishment, performance: peccare sine effectu, i. e. an outward act: operis, L.: opera in effectu erant, nearly done, L.: spei, L.— An operation, effect, result: (herbarum) effectum videre: eloquentiae: sine ullo effectu, L.: Huic effectu dispar amnis, O.: effectūs impedire, Ph.
    * * *
    execution, performance; effect

    Latin-English dictionary > effectus

  • 2 prōficiō

        prōficiō fēcī, fectus, ere    [pro+facio], to make headway, advance, make progress, have success, profit, succeed, effect, accomplish: quid erat profectum, nisi ut, etc.: tantum profeci tum, ut, etc.: nihil in oppugnatione oppidi, Cs.: loci opportunitate, Cs.: hoc tamen: in philosophiā aliquid, to make any progress.—To be useful, be serviceable, do good, avail, help, tend, contribute, conduce: tantum ad dicendum: parvaque certamina in summam totius profecerant spei, contributed greatly, L.: nihil in melius tot rerum proficit usus? Iu.: radice vel herbā Proficiente nihil, doing no good, H.: permultum proficiet illud demonstrare: in summam belli profectum foret, it would help decide the whole war, L.
    * * *
    proficere, profeci, profectus V
    make, accomplish, effect

    Latin-English dictionary > prōficiō

  • 3 irritus

    undecided, void, unfixed, of no effect.
    vain, useless, ineffectual, of not effect.

    Latin-English dictionary of medieval > irritus

  • 4 crūdēliter

        crūdēliter adv. with comp. and sup.    [crudelis], cruelly, fiercely, in a cruel manner, C.: excruciatus, Cs.: victoriam exercebant, S.: crudelius factum: amare, O.: supplicium crudelissime sumere.
    * * *
    crudelius, crudelissime ADV
    cruelly, savagely, relentlessly; with cruel effect

    Latin-English dictionary > crūdēliter

  • 5 effectum

        effectum ī, n    [P. n. of efficio], an effect.

    Latin-English dictionary > effectum

  • 6 effectus

        effectus    P. of efficio.
    * * *
    execution, performance; effect

    Latin-English dictionary > effectus

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