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to carry out one's long-cherished idea

  • 1 to carry out one's long-cherished idea

    провести в жизнь/реализовать свою заветную идею/свой заветный замысел

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > to carry out one's long-cherished idea

  • 2 idea

    1) мысль, идея

    We are all for the idea. — Мы все за эту идею.

    A good idea came to my mind. — Мне в голову пришла хорошая идея.

    An idea crossed my mind. — У меня промелькнула мысль.

    The idea never occurred to me. /The idea never entered my head/mind. — Мне такая мысль никогда не приходила в голову.

    It is a poor idea. — Это неудачный план.

    What is the big/great idea? — Это еще зачем? /Что это вам взбрело в голову?

    Once this key idea had been found the plan was rapidly developed. — План получил быстрое развитие, как только была определена ключевая идея.

    They caught up the idea of the club. — Они подхватили идею создания клуба.

    After the European war the idea of a League of Nations was born. — Идея об организации Лиги Наций родилась после войны.

    - good idea
    - brilliant idea
    - foolish idea
    - not a bad idea
    - vague ideas
    - sound idea
    - gloomy idea
    - absurd idea
    - excellent idea
    - fleeting idea
    - borrowed ideas
    - same idea
    - main idea of the book
    - idea of becoming an engineer
    - idea at the back of her mind
    - idea of going into the mountains
    - very idea of a possible accident
    - exchange of ideas
    - chain of ideas
    - man of one idea
    - man of ideas
    - based on the idea
    - under the influence of a fixed idea
    - understand the idea
    - strike up of a bright idea
    - carry big ideas to a successful conclusion
    - assimilate easily the ideas of others
    - convey one's ideas
    - learn to express one's ideas clearly
    - express one's ideas in writing
    - put one's ideas into writing
    - collect one's ideas
    - put one's ideas into practice
    - carry out one's long-cherished idea
    - be dominated by one idea
    - suggest the idea
    - oppose the idea
    - reject the idea
    - assimilate idea
    - absorb idea
    - give up drop the idea
    - discredit idea
    - grasp the idea
    - follow smb's ideas
    - entertain ideas
    - interchange ideas
    - fight for an idea
    - start smb on an idea
    - hit upon an idea
    - grope for an idea
    - turn over an idea in one's mind
    - communicate ideas to one another
    - conform to the idea
    - carry an idea to absurdity
    - lead ideas in another direction
    - dismiss the idea from one's mind
    - owe the idea to smb
    - idea meets with the lively approval
    - idea haunts smb's mind
    - ideas crowded
    - idea gets clearer
    - ideas get confused
    2) представление, понимание, понятие

    Have you any idea of the time? — Знаете ли вы, сколько сейчас времени? /У вас есть представление о том, сколько сейчас времени?

    We have a very different idea of the country. — Мы себе совершенно иначе представляем эту страну.

    That is not my idea of duty. — У меня совсем другое понятие о долге.

    Some idea may be gathered from these facts. — По этим фактам можно составить некоторое представление.

    It does not convey a correct idea. — Это не дает правильного представления/правильной картины.

    - abstract ideas
    - idea of freedom
    - idea of democracy
    - have an idea about smth
    - have no idea about smth
    - have a general idea
    - have an idea where...
    - give an idea of smth
    - give a good idea of smth
    - introduce new ideas
    - give birth to a great number of new ideas
    - have some idea of chemistry
    - have a poor idea of smb's abilities
    - have an exaggerated idea of one's own importance
    - do smth with the idea of becoming an artist
    - form an idea
    - without any idea of the whole matter
    3) (обыкновенно pl) воззрения, мировоззрение, взгляды, концепция, убеждения, теория, мнение

    He was exiled for his political ideas. — Его сослали за его политические взгляды/убеждения.

    I have strict ideas about smoking. — У меня вполне определенное мнение/отношение о курении.

    - leading ideas
    - current ideas on raising children
    - have of progressive ideas
    - have old-fashioned ideas
    - absorb Western ideas
    - have definite ideas on every subject
    - form a complete idea about smth
    - enlarge man's ideas of the universe
    - force one's ideas on smb
    - contradict generally accepted ideas
    - arrange ideas for presentation
    - ideas have spread from West to East
    - man with no ideas about politics
    - tell me your ideas on the subject
    for idea 1.; See habit, n

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > idea

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