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to belittle the book

  • 1 to belittle the book

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > to belittle the book

  • 2 book

    I [bʊk] n
    1) книга, том, фолиант, книжечка, книжка, книжонка, альбом, учебник, тетрадь

    The book can be easily slipped into a small pocket. — Книжка легко входит в небольшой карман.

    His face was an open book. — У него на лице все написано, как на ладони.

    These articles were never published in book form. — Эти статьи никогда не выходили книгой.

    I will make you a present of this book. — Я вам дам эту книгу в подарок.

    A few pages of the book were missing. — Нескольких страниц в книге не хватало.

    How many copies of the book were printed? — Сколько экземпляров книги было напечатано? /Какой был тираж книги?

    - interesting book
    - amusing book
    - timely book
    - smb's favourite book
    - little book
    - bulky book
    - dirty book
    - immoral book
    - telephone book
    - cookery book
    - complaint book
    - good book
    - rare book
    - historical books
    - visitors' book
    - gilt-edged book
    - stamp book
    - name book
    - autograph book
    - learned books
    - ancient book
    - long book
    - incomplete book
    - useful book
    - wise book
    - elementary book
    - reliable book
    - juvenile book
    - fresh and unconventional book
    - dynamic book
    - readable book
    - second-hand books
    - mislaid books
    - sexy book
    - authoritative book
    - amazing book
    - dummy book
    - uncut book
    - unknown book
    - adventure books
    - geopraphy book
    - text book
    - school book
    - class book
    - desk book
    - instruction book
    - question-answer book
    - jest book
    - picture book
    - travel books
    - prayer book
    - pocket reference book
    - nonfiction books
    - childrens books
    - gift book
    - six-penny book
    - two volume book
    - Good Book
    - Red Book
    - Blue Book
    - reference book
    - guide book
    - hymn book
    - exercise book
    - pattern book
    - signal-book
    - catalogue book
    - seven-day book
    - Devil's book
    - inspiring book
    - forthcoming books
    - betting book
    - illustrated book
    - unwritten book
    - well bound book
    - stitched book
    - book cover
    - book jacket
    - book readers
    - book store
    - book club
    - book stand
    - book size
    - book page
    - book plate
    - book on art
    - book abou the history of this country
    - book about great inventions
    - book by Dickens
    - book bound in leather
    - book of stories
    - book of the oppera
    - book of fate
    - book of Nature
    - Book of Books
    - book of life
    - first Book on the Bible
    - book in English
    - book with prints
    - book for beginners
    - book in several volumes
    - book in folio
    - book of stamps
    - book of needles
    - closed book to smb
    - passage in a book
    - book devoted to the subject of sociology
    - bundle pile of books
    - title of the book
    - review of a book
    - set of four books
    - borrow books from a library
    - read books
    - return books to the library
    - bring new books out
    - consist made up of three books
    - prepare one's book for the press
    - be at one's books
    - sign the Visitors' book
    - write off the lost books
    - publish books
    - abridge books
    - lend out books
    - bind books
    - pack up books
    - renew books
    - skim the book
    - thumb the book
    - set up a book
    - talk books
    - misplace a book
    - belittle the book
    - devote a book to the subject
    - introduce the book to the public
    - translate the book from German into English
    - read a book from cover to cover
    - work these facts into the book
    - take down a book from the shelf
    - arrange books in the alphabetical order
    - make books into bundles
    - put the book face downwards
    - spoil a book by pencil marks
    - put the book into the catalogue
    - swear on the Bible
    - speak by the book
    - book is in print
    - book is out of print
    - book is on sale
    - book is sold out
    - book sells well
    - book was favourably noticed
    - book begins with a description of...
    - book is fairly readable
    - book is badly torn
    2) (только множественное число) бухгалтерская книга, конторская книга, реестр, книга записи приходов и расходов

    The books show a slight loss. — Финансовые документы показывают небольшие потери/убытки.

    He kept books for our business. — Он вел бухгалтерию в нашем предприятии.

    - cheque book
    - account book
    - company books
    - firm's book profit
    - keep the books of the firm
    - examine the books
    - do the book
    - make false entries in the company's books
    (1.) Русское слово "учебник" может иметь разные английские эквиваленты в зависимости от помещенного в них материалы. Наиболее общее слово - textbook - учебник по какому-либо предмету; refference book - справочник, свод правил, знаний в какой-либо области: grammar reference book учебник по грамматике; handbook/deskbook - справочник (который всегда находится под рукой), настольная книга/учебник; manual - инструкция-учебник, например, по сборке телевизора, по установке и эксплуатации стиральной машины: operating manual инструкция по эксплуатации, assembly manual инструкция по сборке; insfallation manual инструкция по установке. (2.) Форма множественного числа books - может называть сборник материалов/документов по учёту, чаще всего финансов: to enter amth in the books записывать что-либо в бухгалтерскую книгу; to be on the books числиться в документах/в архивах; to keep books вести бухгалтерский учет
    II [bʊk] v
    заказывать, брать заранее

    Train tickets must be booked two days in advance. — Железнодорожные билеты надо заказывать за два дня

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > book

  • 3 cry down

    1. phr v принижать, умалять
    2. phr v осуждать
    3. phr v заглушать криками

    he stood up to speak but the audience cried him down — он встал, чтобы говорить, но публика заглушила его речь криками

    4. phr v сбивать цену
    Синонимический ряд:
    1. decry (verb) decry; depreciate; derogate; detract from; diminish; discount; disparage; dispraise; downcry; minimize; opprobriate; run down; take away; take from; write off
    2. discredit (verb) abuse; belittle; censure; condemn; criticize; discredit; traduce; vilify

    English-Russian base dictionary > cry down

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