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to be stubborn

  • 1 refrāctāriolus

        refrāctāriolus adj. dim.    [refractarius], somewhat stubborn, a trifle refractory: dicendi genus.
    * * *
    refractariola, refractariolum ADJ

    Latin-English dictionary > refrāctāriolus

  • 2 tenāx

        tenāx ācis, adj. with comp. and (late) sup.    [2 TA-], holding fast, griping, tenacious: forceps, V.: dente tenaci Ancora fundabat navīs, V.: lappa, O.— Holding fast, griping, sparing, niggardly, stingy, tenacious: pater: genus Quaesiti tenax, O. —Of things, holding fast, clinging: in tenaci gramine, i. e. matted, H.: cerae, sticky, V.: passu stare tenaci, O.: pondere tenacior (navis), L.: luctandum est cum tenacissimo sabulo, Cu.—Fig., holding fast, retentive, firm, steadfast, persistent, tenacious: fides, O.: propositi, H.: iustitiae, Iu.: ficti pravique (Fama), V.— Stubborn, obstinate: equus contra sua vincla tenax, O.: equum tenacem, non parentem, etc., L.: Caesaris ira, O.
    * * *
    tenacis (gen.), tenacior -or -us, tenacissimus -a -um ADJ
    holding fast, clinging; tenacious; retentive; close-fisted/tight/niggardly; restrainging; (fetters/embrace); steadfast, persistent; obstinate, stubborn

    Latin-English dictionary > tenāx

  • 3 abruptus

        abruptus adj.    [P. of abrumpo], broken off, cut off.—Of places, steep, precipitous, inaccessible: locus in pedum mille altitudinem, L.: petra, Cu.— Subst: vastos sorbet in abruptum fluctūs, into the abyss, V.—Fig.: contumacia, rugged, Ta.: per abrupta, i. e. defiantly, Ta.
    * * *
    abrupta -um, abruptior -or -us, abruptissimus -a -um ADJ
    precipitous, steep; hasty; rash; uncompromising, haughty, aloof; abrupt, sudden; broken, disconnected, abrupt; stubborn

    Latin-English dictionary > abruptus

  • 4 cervicatus

    cervicata, cervicatum ADJ
    stiff-necked, obstinate, stubborn

    Latin-English dictionary > cervicatus

  • 5 cervicosus

    cervicosa, cervicosum ADJ
    stiff-necked, obstinate, stubborn

    Latin-English dictionary > cervicosus

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