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to be dubious (about)

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  • dubious — [[t]dju͟ːbiəs, AM du͟ː [/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED If you describe something as dubious, you mean that you do not consider it to be completely honest, safe, or reliable. This claim seems to us to be rather dubious... Soho was still a highly dubious area …   English dictionary

  • dubious — doubtful, dubious 1. The constructions that follow doubtful correspond to the pattern outlined for doubt above, with whether and if still dominant but a that clause now increasingly common: • It is doubtful that in the right to life controversy… …   Modern English usage

  • dubious — du|bi|ous [ˈdju:biəs US ˈdu: ] adj [Date: 1500 1600; : Latin; Origin: dubius, from dubare to be unable to decide ] 1.) probably not honest, true, right etc ▪ The firm was accused of dubious accounting practices. ▪ Many critics regard this… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • dubious — du|bi|ous [ dubiəs ] adjective * 1. ) not sure about the truth or quality of something, or whether you should do something: dubious about: I m very dubious about his ability to do the job. We were dubious about signing the deal. 2. ) not… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • dubious */ — UK [ˈdjuːbɪəs] / US [ˈdubɪəs] adjective 1) not completely good, safe, or honest He had a dubious reputation in the business. The story seemed a bit dubious to me. 2) not sure about the truth or quality of something, or whether you should do… …   English dictionary

  • dubious — adj. 1) dubious about, of 2) dubious if, that, whether + clause (it s dubious if they ll come) * * * [ djuːbɪəs] of that whether + clause (it s dubious if they ll come) dubious about dubious if …   Combinatory dictionary

  • dubious — adjective 1 be dubious to not be sure whether something is good or true (+ about): I m a bit dubious about the idea of lending Jim my car. 2 making you doubt whether someone or something is honest, safe etc: He looks like a dubious character. |… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • dubious — [ˈdjuːbiəs] adj 1) not completely good, safe, or honest a dubious reputation[/ex] 2) not sure about something I m dubious about his ability to do the job.[/ex] 3) used for saying that something is the opposite of the good thing that you are… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • dubious — adj. 1 hesitating or doubting (dubious about going). 2 of questionable value or truth (a dubious claim). 3 unreliable; suspicious (dubious company). 4 of doubtful result (a dubious undertaking). Derivatives: dubiously adv. dubiousness n.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • dubious — adjective Etymology: Latin dubius, from dubare to vacillate; akin to Latin duo two more at two Date: 1548 1. giving rise to uncertainty: as a. of doubtful promise or outcome < a dubious plan > b …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dubious — adjective 1) I was rather dubious about the idea Syn: doubtful, uncertain, unsure, hesitant; undecided, indefinite, unresolved, up in the air; vacillating, irresolute; skeptical, suspicious; informal iffy See note at doubtful …   Thesaurus of popular words


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