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to appeal to the brain, not to the feelings

  • 1 to appeal to the brain, not to the feelings

    взывать к разуму/к рассудку, а не к чувствам

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > to appeal to the brain, not to the feelings

  • 2 brain


    We have a very minor understanding of how the brain works. — Мы очень мало разбираемся в том, как работает/функционирует мозг.

    People with more or less disordered brain. — Люди с расстроенной психикой/психически неуравновешенные люди.

    The power of thinking depends upon the brain. — Мыслительная сила зависит от головного мозга.

    - human brain
    - smb's muddled brain
    - brain exhaustion
    - disease of the brain
    - tumour on the brain
    - suffusion of blood on the brain
    - cause brain damage
    - brain demands relaxation from strain
    2) ум, разум, рассудок

    Use your brains! — Пошевели мозгами! /Подумай!

    Does he have enough brains to do that? — У него хватает ума, чтобы это сделать?

    He has no brains. — Он безмозглый дурак.

    He has a very capable business brain. — Он очень способный деловой человек. /У него хорошие способности к комерческим делам.

    - powerful brain
    - mature brain
    - immature brain
    - buzy brain
    - inquisitive brain
    - scheming brain
    - calculating brain
    - haunted brain
    - highly-strung brain
    - great criminal brain
    - brain worker
    - brain teaser
    - scientific brains of the country
    - man of brains
    - writer with brains
    - man of average brains
    - puzzle one's brains over the problem
    - have good brains
    - have a mathematical brain
    - call in the best brains
    - pick smb's brains
    - have plenty of brains
    - be the brains of the organization
    - flitter across one's brains
    - muddle smb's brain
    - envy smb's brain
    - rack one's brains for his name
    - overtax one's brains
    - turn smb's brain
    - turn smb's brains
    - blow one's brains out
    - blow smb's brains out
    - cram smb's brains with figures
    - weigh upon one's brain
    - have brains to understand it
    - have both brains and beauty
    - appeal to the brain, not to the feelings
    - grief has turned his brains
    3) (обыкновенно pl) мозги (пища)

    Lamb's brains is my favourite dish. — Телячьи мозги - мое любимое блюдо

    - calve's brains
    - brains with melted-butter sauce

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > brain

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