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tightness of space

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  • Tightness of measures — In mathematics, tightness is a concept in measure theory. The intuitive idea is that a given collection of measures does not escape to infinity. Contents 1 Definitions 2 Examples 2.1 Compact spaces 2.2 …   Wikipedia

  • tightness — tight ► ADJECTIVE 1) fixed, closed, or fastened firmly. 2) (of clothes) close fitting. 3) well sealed against something such as water or air. 4) (of a rope, fabric, or surface) stretched so as to leave no slack. 5) (of an area or space) allowing… …   English terms dictionary

  • Classical Wiener space — In mathematics, classical Wiener space is the collection of all continuous functions on a given domain (usually a sub interval of the real line), taking values in a metric space (usually n dimensional Euclidean space). Classical Wiener space is… …   Wikipedia

  • Countable tightness — In mathematics, a topological space X is said to have countable tightness if it satisfies the condition::Given any subset A subset X, if x in overline{A}, there is a countable subset B subset A such that x in overline{B}.A prototypical example of …   Wikipedia

  • Sequential space — In topology and related fields of mathematics, a sequential space is a topological space that satisfies a very weak axiom of countability. Sequential spaces are the most general class of spaces for which sequences suffice to determine the… …   Wikipedia

  • Countably generated space — In mathematics, a topological space X is called countably generated if the topology of X is determined by the countable sets in a similar way as the topology of a sequential space (or a Fréchet space) by the convergent sequences. The countable… …   Wikipedia

  • Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur — Santa Maria is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines. According to the 2007 census final count, it has a population of 28,002 people.BarangaysSanta Maria is politically subdivided into 33 barangays. * Ag agrao *… …   Wikipedia

  • Prokhorov's theorem — In mathematics, Prokhorov s theorem is a theorem of measure theory that relates tightness of measures to weak compactness (and hence weak convergence) in the space of probability measures. It is credited to the Soviet mathematician Yuri… …   Wikipedia

  • Cardinal function — In mathematics, a cardinal function (or cardinal invariant) is a function that returns cardinal numbers. Contents 1 Cardinal functions in set theory 2 Cardinal functions in topology 2.1 Basic inequalities …   Wikipedia

  • cosmos — /koz meuhs, mohs/, n., pl. cosmos, cosmoses for 2, 4. 1. the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system. 2. a complete, orderly, harmonious system. 3. order; harmony. 4. any composite plant of the genus Cosmos, of tropical… …   Universalium

  • Càdlàg — In mathematics, a càdlàg (French continue à droite, limite à gauche ), RCLL (“right continuous with left limits”), or corlol (“continuous on (the) right, limit on (the) left”) function is a function defined on the real numbers (or a subset of… …   Wikipedia


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