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  • 1 So

    Thus: P. and V. οὕτως, οὕτω, ὧδε, ταύτῃ, τῇδε; see Thus.
    With adj. and adv.: P. and V. οὕτως, οὕτω, ὧδε.
    Not even so: P. and V. οὐδὲ ὥς, μηδὲ ὥς.
    Similarly: P. and V. ὁμοίως, ὁμοῖα, ὡσαύτως, ὁμοῖον.
    Accordingly: P. and V. οὖν, οὐκοῦν, τοίγαρ, τοίνυν, τοιγαροῦν, Ar. and V. νυν ( enclitic); see Therefore.
    After all: P. and V. ρα, V. ἆρα.
    So and so, such and such a person: Ar. and P. ὁ δεῖνα.
    Such and such a thing: Ar. and P. τὸ δεῖνα.
    You ought to have done so and so and not the other: P. ἔδει τὸ καὶ τὸ ποιῆσαι καὶ τὸ μὴ ποιῆσαι (Dem. 128).
    So be it: P. and V. οὕτως γένοιτο (Æsch., Theb. 526).
    So called: P. λεγόμενος, P. and V. καλούμενος, V. κεκλημένος (Æsch., Eum. 658).
    So far, to such an extent: P. and V. εἰς τοσοῦτο, εἰς τοσοῦτον: see under Far.
    And forth: P. καὶ πᾶν ὅτι τοιοῦτον.
    So great: see under Great.
    So many: see under Many.
    So that: P. and V. ὥστε, V. ὡς.
    So then, after all: P. and V. ρα, V. ἆρα.
    So to speak: P. ὡς ἔπος εἰπεῖν, V. ὡς εἰπεῖν ἔπος.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > So

  • 2 Score

    Account: Ar. and P. λογισμός, ὁ.
    Number: P. and V. ριθμος, ὁ.
    On the score of, as far as concerns: P. and V. ἕνεκα (gen.), V. οὕνεκα (gen.) (And. 759).
    Yes, on that score fortune favours you: V. μάλιστα τοὐκείνου μὲν εὐτυχεῖς μέρος (Eur., Hec. 989).
    So he encouraged them thus on the score of money: P. χρήμασι μὲν οὖν οὕτως ἐθάρσυνεν αὐτούς (Thuc. 2, 13).
    Put down to one's score: P. and V. ναφέρειν (τί τινι, or τι εἴς τινα); impute.
    A score: see Twenty.
    v. trans.
    Score a point, victory, etc.: P. and V. νικᾶν.
    In argument: use P. and V. λέγειν τι.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Score

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