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these forms only

  • 1 А-1

    ОТ А ДО Я (прочитать, знать что и т. п.) ОТ А ДО ЗЕТ ОТ АЛЬФЫ ДО ОМЕГИ lit ОТ АЗА ДО ИЖИЦЫ obs, lit PrepP these forms only adv fixed WO
    (to read sth.) from the very beginning to the very end
    (to know sth.) thoroughly: (of books, journals etc) (read sth.) from cover to cover
    (of documents) (read sth.) from top to bottom
    (know sth.) from A to Z
    (know sth.) inside out.
    Refers to the first and last letters of the Russian, Latin, Greek, and Slavonic alphabets, respectively.

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  • 2 А-3

    С ПЕРВОГО АБЦУГА ПО ПЕРВОМУ АБЦУГУ both obs PrepP these forms only adv fixed WO
    immediately, at or from the very beginning:
    from the outset
    from the very first
    right from the start
    right off
    from the word go.

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  • 3 А-5

    АВОСЬ ДА НЕБОСЬ АВОСЬ, НЕБОСЬ ДА КАК-НИБУДЬ both obs, coll AdvP these forms only usu. indep. sent or clause fixed WO
    (used to describe s.o. 's lack of discipline, idleness, lack of initiative, or negligence) s.o. does nothing, thinking, assuming, or hoping that things will work out by themselves without his efforts
    somehow or other (some way or other, one way or another) (it will work out, things will turn out all right etc)).

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  • 4 А-8

    ОТ (C) АДАМА начинать (рассказ) и т. п. obsoles PrepP these forms only adv or nonagreeing modif) (to begin a story etc) from something distant or unrelated
    from day one.

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  • 5 А-12

    В (ПОЛНОМ) АЖУРЕ coll PrepP these forms only subj-compl with copula ( subj: usu. abstr, often всё)) in fine condition, in excellent shape
    in perfect order
    A-OK just so tiptop in tiptop shape shipshape (in limited contexts) (person X is) sitting pretty (person X is) on velvet. Cf. in apple-pie order.
    ...Люди бегут. И какие люди!.. Проверенные! И в местной партийной организации их проверяли. И на райкоме характеристику утверждали. И выездная комиссия ЦК и КГБ всю подноготную бдительно изучала. И всё, как говорится, было в ажуре (Войнович 1)....People are fleeing the country. And what people!...They'd all been checked out. The local Party organizations had run checks. Their files had been approved by the district committees. The Central Committee and the KGB commission on travel had vigilantly scrutinized all the ins and outs. Everything was, as they say, tiptop... (1a).
    (Аким:) И вновь у тебя приличная жена и хорошая квартира. И по служебной линии всё в ажуре (Арбузов 3). (A.:) Once again, you have a decent wife and a good flat. At work you're on velvet (3a).

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  • 6 А-13

    НИ A3 А не знать, не смыслить, не понимать и т. п. coll (НИ) АЗА В ГЛАЗА obsoles, coll NP gen these forms only obj
    (to know, understand) absolutely nothing (about sth.)
    not (know (understand)) a thing (the first thing) (about sth.)
    not (have) the foggiest (the faintest) idea ( notion) (what sth. is about etc) not (know) the ABCs of sth. not know from A to В about sth. (in limited contexts) not (know) one's ABCs.
    "Я поставлю полные баллы во всех науках тому, кто ни аза не знает, да ведёт себя похвально...» (Гоголь 3). "П1 give top marks to a boy who doesn't even know his ABC's if his behavior is irreproachable..." (3e).
    «...Я очень рад, что вы занимаетесь естественными науками. Я слышал, что Либих сделал удивительные открытия насчёт удобрения полей...» - «Я к вашим услугам, Николай Петрович но куда нам до Либиха! Сперва надо азбуке выучиться и потом уже взяться за книгу, а мы ещё аза в глаза не видали» (Тургенев 2). ( context transl) UI must say I...am very glad you are studying the natural sciences. I have heard that Liebig has made some astonishing discoveries to do with improving the soil..." Tra at your service, Nikolai Petrovich, but Liebig is miles above our heads! One must learn the alphabet before beginning to read, and we don't know the first letter yet" (2c).
    From the name of the first letter of the Church Slavonic alphabet.

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > А-13

  • 7 Б-5

    БАБУШКА (ЕЩЁ) НАДВОЕ СКАЗАЛА (ГАДАЛА) coll VP subj. these forms only subj-compl with быть« ( subj: usu. a clause) or indep. sent ещё may take the initial position, otherwise fixed WO
    it is yet unknown whether the event in question will happen or not ( usu. the implication is that it will not happen)
    that (it) remains to be seen
    it's any body's guess that's () an open question it could go either way we'll (just) have to wait and see.
    «Мы после обеда засядем в ералаш, и я его обыграю». -«Хе-хе-хе, посмотрим! Бабушка надвое сказала» (Тургенев 2). "We'll have a round of whist after dinner, and I'll clean him out." "He! he! he! We shall see! That remains to be seen" (2b).
    «Было время, товарищ Воробушкин... тобой детей пугали. Один бы ты и в жизнь не отплевался. Да и была бы жизнь, тоже бабушка надвое гадала...» (Максимов 3). There was a time, Comrade Vorobushkin, when your name was used to scare children. On your own, you'd never have wriggled out of it as long as you lived. And whether you'd have lived at all is anybody's guess..." (3a).
    ...Тех — миллионы, которые не позволят вам попирать ногами свои священнейшие верования, которые раздавят вас!» - «Коли раздавят, туда и дорога, - промолвил Базаров. - Только бабушка ещё надвое сказала. Нас не так мало, как вы полагаете» (Тургенев 2)."...The others are millions, who won't let you trample their sacred traditions under foot, who will crush you!" "If we're crushed, serves us right," observed Bazarov. "But that's an open question. We are not so few as you suppose" (2b).
    "...Ваша власть и держится-то тридцать годов ( substand = лет), и сколько ещё продержится - это ещё бабушка надвое сказала, а наша вера две тыщи (phonetic spelling = тысячи) лет стоит...» (Максимов 1). "Your power's been in existence thirty years, and how long it'll survive we'll have to wait and see, but our faith has lasted for two thousand years..." (1a).

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  • 8 Б-12

    (И) КОНЧЕН БАЛ (sent these forms only fixed WO
    that is the end of what has been going on, it is all over
    the party (the game, the ball) is over
    (in refer, to criminal activities, wrongdoings etc) the jig (the game) is up.
    Каждое её слово камнем откладывалось в нём, всё утяжеляя и утяжеляя тёмный груз переполнявшей его горечи... Никогда раньше Золотарёву не приходилось испытывать подобной муки... И горячечно забываясь в ночи, он с отчаянием подытожил: «Кончен бал!» (Максимов 1). Every word she spoke fell like a stone upon him, making the dark burden of the anguish that filled him more and more unbearable....Zolotarev had never experienced such torment before....And as he drifted into feverish sleep he concluded in despair, The ball is over!" (1a).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-12

  • 9 Б-29

    БАТЮШКИ МОИ (СВЕТЫ)! obsoles, coll БАТЮШКИ СВИТЫ! obsoles, substand МАТУШКИ МОИ (СВЕТЫ)! obs, coll Interj these forms only fixed WO
    used to express amazement, admiration, fear etc: (my) goodness (gracious)!
    (my) gracious! good heavens (God, Lord)! merciful heavens! (good) God in heaven! (holy) Mother of God!
    (Аркадина:) Как меня в Харькове принимали, батюшки мои, до сих пор голова кружится! (Чехов 6). (A.:) What а wonderful reception I had in Kharkov! My goodness, my head's still swimming! (6b).
    ...Нашему брату, хуторянину, высунуть нос из своего захолустья в большой свет - батюшки мои! - Это всё равно как, случается, иногда зайдёшь в покои великого пана: все обступят тебя и пойдут дурачить (Гоголь 5). For а villager like me to poke his nose out of his hole into the great world is -merciful heavens! — just like what happens if you go into the apartments of some fine gentleman: they all come around you and make you feel like a fool... (5a).
    Ой, батюшки светы, дорогие товарищи, что с нами сделалось... Дрожим, ни живы ни мёртвы, язык отнялся от ужаса!..» (Пастернак 1). "Oh, God in heaven, need I tell you the state we were in....We were shaking all over, half dead with fright and speechless with terror!" (1a).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-29

  • 10 Б-31

    ПОД БАШМАКОМ (ПОД БАШМАЧКОМ) чьим, (у) кого бытье, находиться и т. п. or держать кого ПОД БАШМАК чей, кого, к кому попадать all coll PrepP these forms only subj-compl with copula (subj: human or obj-compl with держать ( obj: human)) under the full control or influence of s.o., completely dependent on s.o. ( usu. of a husband in relation to his wife)
    X под башмаком у женщины Y - X is under Y's thumb
    X lets Y boss him around (in limited contexts) X is henpecked (a henpecked husband)
    Y держит X-a под башмаком ' Y has (keeps) X under Ys thumb
    Y has X wrapped around Y's little finger (in limited contexts) Y wears the pants (in the family).
    Общее мнение было то, что Пьер был под башмаком своей жены, и действительно это было так. С самых первых дней их супружества Наташа заявила свои требования (Толстой 7). The general opinion was that Pierre was under his wife's thumb, which was really true. From the very first days of their married life Natasha had announced her demands (7b).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-31

  • 11 Б-33

    НИ БЕ НИ ME (НИ КУКАРЕКУ) highly coll these forms only fixed WO
    1. \Б-33 (в чём) ( usu. predic with subj: human one knows, understands etc nothing (about sth.): X (в Y-e) ни бе ни ме = X doesn't know (understand) a thing (the first thing) about Y
    X doesn't know beans (squat) about Y (in refer, to one's command of a foreign language, technical jargon etc) X doesn't know (in refer, to a foreign language only) X can't say two words in (speak a word of) Y.
    "И как это таких людей за границу посылают, когда они ни бе ни ме ни по-каковски?» (Трифонов 4). "And how is it they send such (people) abroad when they can't say two words in any other language?" (4a).
    2. (predic (with subj: human or obj) one says nothing, keeps silent
    X (не говорит) ни бе ни ме - X doesn't say boo
    X doesn't let out a peep X doesn't utter a sound.

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-33

  • 12 Б-41

    (HE) ВЕЛИКА БЕДА coll NP these forms only usu. indep. sent or subj-compl with бытье ( subj: a clause), pres only fixed WO
    it is not important, significant
    it's not the end of the world
    it's (that's) no (great) tragedy (in limited contexts) no problem.
    Я ушёл, недоумевая, почему все это так его встревожило. Ну, даже если и испортил рыбу, подумаешь, велика беда (Кузнецов 1). I went away, wondering why all this had made him so apprehensive. What if he had spoiled the fish-that was no tragedy (1a).
    (Макарская:) Как же я могу тебя пустить, если я тебя не знаю! (Бусыгин:) Велика беда! Пожалуйста! Бусыгин Владимир Петрович. Студент (Вампилов 4). (М.:) How can I let you in if I don't know you? (B.:) No problem. Let me introduce myself: Vladimir Petrovich Busygin, a student (4a).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-41

  • 13 Б-51

    VP (with subj: human or как etc + NP these forms only, adv the verb may take the final position, otherwise fixed WO
    to be incessantly bustling about, doing various things, occupied with various concerns
    X вертится как белка в колесе = X is like a squirrel on a treadmill (in a cage)
    X is in a constant whirl X is continually (always) on the go.
    ...«(Виллон) жил в Париже, как белка в колесе, не зная ни минуты покоя» (Мандельштам 2)...."(Villon) lived in Paris in a constant whirl-like a squirrel on a treadmill, never still for a moment" (2a).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-51

  • 14 Б-54

    НИ БЕЛЬМЕСА (НИ БУМ-БУМ) не знать, не понимать, не смыслить (в чём) highly coll these forms only obj (both variants) or predic with subj: human (2nd var.)) to know or understand nothing (about sth.): X (в Y-e) не понимает ни бельмеса (X в Y-e ни бум-бум) - X doesn't know beans (squat) about Y X doesn't know (understand) a thing (the first thing) about Y X doesn't have the foggiest (notion) about Y X doesn't have a clue about Y (of one's command of a foreign language, technical jargon etc) X doesn't know (understand) a word of Y (of a foreign language only) X can't say two words in (speak a word of) Y.
    «Играть не умеете! В миттельшпиле ни бум-бум...» (Аксёнов 3). "You don't know how to play! You don't know a thing about the midgame!" (3a).
    «Теперь (Херувимов) в направление тоже полез сам ни бельмеса не чувствует, ну а я, разумеется, поощряю» (Достоевский 3). "Now he's (Cherubimov has) jumped onto the progressive bandwagon too, hasn't got the foggiest, of course, but naturally I encourage him" (3a).
    (Марина Дмитриевна:) Ты что же, ничего не соображал? (Лукашин:) Ни бум-бум... (Брагинский и Рязанов 1). (M.D.:) Didn't you know what was going on? (L.:) I hadn't a clue... (1a).
    Анучкин:) Признаюсь, не зная французского языка, чрезвычайно трудно судить самому, знает ли женщина по-французски или нет. Как хозяйка дома, знает?.. (Кочкарёв:) Ни бельмеса (Гоголь 1). (A.:) I must admit that as I don't know French myself, it's awfully difficult for me to judge whether or not the young lady knows French. Do you think she does? (K.:) Not a word (1a).
    Однажды он стал читать Крымову стихи, потом прервал чтение, сказал: «Простите, вам, верно, не интересно». Крымов, усмехнувшись, ответил: «Скажу откровенно, не понял ни бельмеса» (Гроссман 2). Once he began reading some poems to Krymov, but then broke off and said: Tm sorry. You're probably not in the least interested." Krymov grinned. "To be quite honest, I couldn't understand a word of it" (2a).

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  • 15 Б-73

    НИ ЗА КАКИЕ БЛАГА (СОКРОВИЩА) (В МИРЕ) coll PrepP these forms only adv used with negated verbs ( usu. pfv fut or subjunctive) fixed WO
    (one will not or would not do sth.) under any conditions or circumstances (used to express one's strong unwillingness to do sth. or accept s.o. 's suggestion)
    not for anything (in the world (on earth))
    not for (all) the world not for all the money in the world (in limited contexts) nothing in the world (can persuade (force etc) one to do sth.) one has no desire in the world (to do sth.). Cf. not for all the tea in China.
    «Нравится досада!.. Отчего?» - «Не скажу». - «Скажите, пожалуйста, я прошу...» - «Ни за что, ни за какие блага!» (Гончаров 1). "You're glad I was vexed!...Why?" "I won't tell you!" "Please, do, I beg you." "Never! Not for anything in the world!" (1a).
    (Марья Андреевна:) Он (Беневоленский) мне не нравится, он мне противен!.. Я не пойду за него ни за какие сокровища! (Островский 1). (М.А.:) I don't like him (Benevo-lensky). He is repulsive to me. I wouldn't marry him for all the money in the world (1a).
    Дядя Сандро был совершенно не подготовлен для встречи с девушкой, у которой при каждой улыбке на щеках возникают головокружительные ямочки, куда каждый раз душа дяди Сандро (предварительно раздвоившись) опускалась и ни за какие блага не желала оттуда выходить (Искандер 5). Uncle Sandro was completely unprepared to meet a girl whose every smile brought dizzying dimples to her cheeks. Every time she smiled, Uncle Sandro's soul sp lit in half and fell into these two little traps, and had no desire in the world to climb out (5a).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-73

  • 16 Б-77

    ДЛЯ БЛЕЗИРУ (-a) highly coll PrepP these forms only adv
    in order to create a certain impression
    for show
    for appearance's sake (in limited contexts) as a smoke screen.
    (Андрей) Гуськов... пошагал к двери. Замок на ней, как и раньше, висел для блезиру: Гуськов дёрнул его - он тут же раскрылся (Распутин 2). Andrei..headed for the door....The lock on it, like before, was mostly for show, he pulled on it and it opened (2a).
    Другие договаривались до того, что в сущности Зейнаб по-настоящему живет с удавом, а Марата держит при себе просто так, для блезира (Искандер 2). Others went so far as to say that in essence Zeinab lived with the boa in the real sense, and just kept Marat around as a smoke screen (2a).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-77

  • 17 Б-83

    КАК НА БЛЮДЕЧКЕ (БЛЮДЕ) виден и т. п. coll как + PrepP these forms only adv
    ( sth. can be seen) clearly, distinctly: (be) in clear (full) view
    (be) in plain sight (in limited contexts) (be) as clear as anything.
    ...День был чудесный, светлый и не жаркий все горы видны были как на блюдечке (Лермонтов 1). It was...a really lovely day, bright but not too hot. The mountains all round were as clear as anything (lc).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-83

  • 18 Б-84

    НА БЛЮДЕЧКЕ С ГОЛУБОЙ КАЁМОЧКОЙ преподносить, подавать что и т. п. НА БЛЮДЕЧКЕ (С ЗОЛОТОЙ КАЁМОЧКОЙ) НА БЛЮДЕ all coll PrepP these forms only sent adv fixed WO
    (to give sth. to s.o., let s.o. have sth. etc) without the recipient's having to work hard to obtain it: (hand s.o. sth. (have sth. handed to one etc)) on a silver platter.
    (Андрей:) Слушай, я, наверно, оттого такой пустой, что мне вей на блюдечке подавалось - дома благополучие... сыт, одет... (Розов 1). (A.:) I'm probably so shallow because everything has been handed to me on a silver platter-the family is well-off...they feed and clothe me... (1a).
    The source of the first variant is The Golden Calf («Золотой телёнок») by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, 1931, ch.
    2. The original source of the last variant is possibly the Russian translation of the Bible. Cf. Matt. 14:8, Mark 6:25, in reference to Salome's demand that John the Baptist's head be given to her "in a charger."

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-84

  • 19 Б-90

    БОГ (ГОСПОДЬ) ДАЛ, БОГ (ГОСПОДЬ) И ВЗЯЛ obs (sent these forms only fixed WO
    said with resignation upon s.o. 's death or upon the loss of sth.: - the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
    From the Bible (Job 1:21).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-90

  • 20 Б-93

    БОГ (ГОСПОДЬ, АЛЛАХ) (ЕГО (тебя и т. п.) ЗНАЕТ (ВЕДАЕТ) БОГ ВЕСТЬ all coll VP subj. these forms only usu. the main clause in a complex sent or indep. sent fixed WO
    no one knows, it is impossible (for s.o.) to know: God ((the) Lord, heaven, goodness) (only) knows
    God alone knows.
    «Кто же я таков, по твоему разумению?» - «Бог тебя знает но кто бы ты ни был, ты шутишь опасную шутку» (Пушкин 2). "And who am I then, in your opinion?" "God only knows, but whoever you may be, you're playing a dangerous game" (2a).
    ...Он ездит и в свет, и читает: когда он успевает — бог весть (Гончаров 1)....There was his social life and his reading-heaven only knows how he found the time! (1b).
    Родители его были дворяне, но столбовые или личные — бог ведает (Гоголь 3). God alone knows whether his parents, who were of the nobility, were so by descent or personal merit (3d).

    Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь > Б-93

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  • Tax forms in the United States — are used by taxpayers and tax exempt organizations to report financial information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They are used to report income and calculate taxes owed to the government of the United States. TOC Federal tax forms 990… …   Wikipedia

  • Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women — Signed 18 December 1979 Location New York City Effective 3 September 1981 Condition 20 ratifications Parties 187 (Complete List) …   Wikipedia

  • Dance forms of Tamil Nadu — Tamil Nadu had developed the art of entertainment to its pristine heights at early age. The three modes of entertainment to its pristine heights at a very early age. The three modes of entertainment classified as Iyal (Literature), Isai (Music)… …   Wikipedia

  • Closed and exact differential forms — In mathematics, especially vector calculus and differential topology, a closed form is a differential form α whose exterior derivative is zero (dα = 0), and an exact form is a differential form that is the exterior derivative of another …   Wikipedia

  • Read Only Memory — The notion of read only data can also refer to file system permissions. Read only memory (usually known by its acronym, ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. Because data stored in ROM cannot be modified …   Wikipedia


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