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there is a volume

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  • Volume fraction — Volume fractions phi i are useful alternatives to mole fractions x i when dealing with mixtures in which there is a large disparity between the sizes of the various kinds of molecules; e.g., polymer solutions. They provide a more appropriate way… …   Wikipedia

  • Volume rendering — is a technique used to display a 2D projection of a 3D discretely sampled data set.A typical 3D data set is a group of 2D slice images acquired by a CT or MRI scanner.Usually these are acquired in a regular pattern (e.g., one slice every… …   Wikipedia

  • Volume controlled intermittent mandatory ventilation — (VC IMV) refers to any mode of mechanical ventilation with preset tidal volume (VT) and inspiratory flow. Spontaneous breaths (i.e., inspiration is patient triggered and patient cycled) can exist between mandatory breaths. For intermittent… …   Wikipedia

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  • Volume testing — belongs to the group of non functional tests, which are often misunderstood and/or used interchangeably. Volume testing refers to testing a software application for a certain data volume. This volume can in generic terms be the database size or… …   Wikipedia

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