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theory of stability

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  • Stability — can refer to: *Aircraft flight Stability (aircraft) *In atmospheric fluid dynamics, atmospheric stability, a measure of the turbulence in the ambient atmosphere *BIBO stability (Bounded Input, Bounded Output stability), in signal processing and… …   Wikipedia

  • Stability spectrum — In model theory, a branch of mathematical logic, a complete first order theory T is called stable in λ (an infinite cardinal number), if the Stone space of every model of T of size ≤ λ has itself size ≤ λ. T is called a stable theory if there is… …   Wikipedia

  • Stability theory — In mathematics, stability theory deals with the stability of solutions (or sets of solutions) for differential equations and dynamical systems. Definition Let (R, X, Φ) be a real dynamical system with R the real numbers, X a locally compact… …   Wikipedia

  • Stability radius — The stability radius of a continuous function f (in a functional space F ) with respect to an open stability domain D is the distance between f and the set of unstable functions (with respect to D ). We say that a function is stable with respect… …   Wikipedia

  • stability theory — stabilumo teorija statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. stability theory vok. Stabilitätstheorie, f rus. теория устойчивости, f pranc. théorie de stabilité, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • Stability (probability) — In probability theory and statistics, the stability of a family of probability distributions is an important property which basically states that if one has a number of random variates that are in the family , any linear combination of these… …   Wikipedia

  • Stability group — In mathematics, in the realm of group theory, stability group of subnormal series is the group of automorphisms that act as identity on each quotient group …   Wikipedia

  • Model theory — This article is about the mathematical discipline. For the informal notion in other parts of mathematics and science, see Mathematical model. In mathematics, model theory is the study of (classes of) mathematical structures (e.g. groups, fields,… …   Wikipedia

  • Lyapunov stability — In mathematics, the notion of Lyapunov stability occurs in the study of dynamical systems. In simple terms, if all solutions of the dynamical system that start out near an equilibrium point x e stay near x e forever, then x e is Lyapunov stable.… …   Wikipedia

  • BIBO stability — Bibo redirects here. For the Egyptian football player nicknamed Bibo, see Mahmoud El Khateeb. In electrical engineering, specifically signal processing and control theory, BIBO stability is a form of stability for signals and systems.BIBO stands… …   Wikipedia

  • Floquet theory — is a branch of the theory of ordinary differential equations relating to the class of solutions to linear differential equations of the form, :dot{x} = A(t) x,,with displaystyle A(t) a continuous periodic function with period T. The main theorem… …   Wikipedia


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