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tantalum nitride

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  • tantalum-nitride film resistor — sluoksninis tantalo nitrido varžas statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. tantalum nitride film resistor vok. Tantalnitridschichtwiderstand, m rus. плёночный резистор на основе нитрида тантала, m pranc. résistance pelliculaire à la …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

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  • Tantalum — (pronEng|ˈtæntələm) (formerly tantalium IPA|/tænˈtæliəm/) is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and atomic number 73. A rare, hard, blue grey, lustrous, transition metal, tantalum is highly corrosion resistant and occurs naturally in the… …   Wikipedia

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