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syntactic unit

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  • Prosodic unit — Minor (foot) break Major (intonation) break | ‖ IPA number …   Wikipedia

  • T-unit — In linguistics, the term T unit was coined by Kellogg Hunt in 1965.[1] It is defined as the shortest grammatically allowable sentences into which (writing can be split) or minimally terminable unit. Often, but not always, a T unit is a sentence.… …   Wikipedia

  • Constituent (linguistics) — In syntactic analysis, a constituent is a word or a group of words that functions as a single unit within a hierarchical structure. Phrases (noun phrases, verbal phrases, etc.) are usually constituents of a clause, but clauses may also be… …   Wikipedia

  • Construction grammar — The term construction grammar (CxG) covers a family of theories, or models, of grammar that are based on the idea that the primary unit of grammar is the grammatical construction rather than the atomic syntactic unit and the rule that combines… …   Wikipedia

  • Wintu language — language name=Wintu nativename=wintʰu:h familycolor=American states=United States region=Shasta County, Trinity County, California speakers=5 fam1= Penutian iso3=wit|Wintu is an endangered Wintuan language spoken by the Wintu people of Northern… …   Wikipedia

  • Split infinitive — A split infinitive is an English language grammatical construction in which a word or phrase, usually an adverb or adverbial phrase, comes between the marker to and the bare infinitive (uninflected) form of a verb. For example, a split infinitive …   Wikipedia

  • Merge (linguistics) — Merge (usually capitalized) is one of the basic operations in the Minimalist Program, a leading approach to generative syntax, when two syntactic objects are combined to form a new syntactic unit (a set). Merge also has the property of recursion… …   Wikipedia

  • Enjambment — (also spelled enjambement) is the breaking of a syntactic unit (a phrase, clause, or sentence) by the end of a line or between two verses. It is to be contrasted with end stopping, where each linguistic unit corresponds with a single line, and… …   Wikipedia

  • syntagma — noun /sɪnˈtæɡmə/ a) A syntactic string of words that forms a part of some larger syntactic unit; a construction.<ref name= OED /> They are the three Transylvanian peoples collectively known under the syntagma of Unio Trium Nationum. b) A… …   Wiktionary

  • syntagm — noun a syntactic string of words that forms a part of some larger syntactic unit • Syn: ↑syntagma • Derivationally related forms: ↑syntagmatic, ↑syntagmatic (for: ↑syntagma) • Hypernyms: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • group — /grup / (say groohp) noun 1. any assemblage of persons or things; cluster; aggregation. 2. a number of persons or things ranged or considered together as being related in some way. 3. Ethnology a classification more limited than a branch. 4. a… …   Australian-English dictionary


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