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symbolic description

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  • Symbolic Behavior Perspective — Symbolic Behavior refers to “a person’s capacity to respond to or use a system of significant symbols” (Faules Alexander, 1978, p.5). The symbolic behavior perspective argues that the reality of an organization is socially constructed through… …   Wikipedia

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  • Symbolic dynamics — In mathematics, symbolic dynamics is the practice of modelling a topological or smooth dynamical system by a discrete space consisting of infinite sequences of abstract symbols, each of which corresponds to a state of the system, with the… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic Programming System — The IBM Symbolic Programming System (SPS) assembler was developed by IBM field engineers as an alternative to the use of machine code for the IBM 1401 computer, the first of the IBM 1400 series. One source indicates that This programming system… …   Wikipedia

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  • valley of the shadow of death — noun a) A symbolic description of the world, meaning darkness and death are (symbolic) valleys on earth one must walk through, that is, part of the human experience …   Wiktionary

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