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sustained hover

  • 1 sustained hover

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > sustained hover

  • 2 hover

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > hover

  • 3 performance

    1. (летно-технические) характеристики, ЛТХ; летные данные; (рабочая) характеристика;
    2. работа; действие; выполнение < задачи>
    3. эффективность; производительность; работоспособность
    acquisition performance
    aerodynamic performance
    agile performance
    agility performance
    air-to-fuel performance
    aircraft performance
    aircrew performance
    airfield performance
    airship performance
    algorithm performance
    along track performance
    altitude performance
    altitude-velocity performance
    antijam performance
    approach performance
    autopilot performance
    autorotation performance
    autorotative performance
    bench throttle performance
    bipropellant performance
    CAS performance
    climb performance
    closed-loop performance
    cold takeoff performance
    control performance
    control law performance
    crew performance
    cross-track performance
    cruise performance
    cumulative performance
    decision-height performance
    deck performance
    dive bomb performance
    enroute performance
    EW performance
    fail-operational performance
    fan performance
    FCS performance
    field performance
    filter performance
    flap performance
    flawless performance
    flight manual performance
    flutter-free performance
    frequency-domain performance
    ground attack performance
    guidance's performance
    gust alleviation performance
    high-speed performance
    high-AOA performance
    hot and high performance
    hot-day performance
    hover performance
    hover performance out of ground effect
    hovering performance
    human performance
    inlet performance
    installed performance
    landing performance
    Level 2 performance
    lift performance
    lift-to-drag performance
    limit performance
    longitudinal performance
    loop performance
    low-speed performance
    maneuver performance
    maneuvering performance
    mid-mission landing performance
    mission performance
    model preview performance
    near-optimum performance
    nonafterburning performance
    outer-loop performance
    overland performance
    payload/range performance
    phase and gain performance
    pilot performance
    pilot/vehicle performance
    pitch performance
    pitching performance
    point performance
    post-stall performance
    powered-lift performance
    propeller performance
    propeller-nacelle performance
    rated performance
    reverse-thrust performance
    roll performance
    rolling performance
    rough ground performance
    rough-field performance
    runway performance
    safety performance
    single-engine performance
    single-engine takeoff performance
    single-engine-out performance
    spoiler performance
    steady state performance
    STO performance
    STOL performance
    stopping performance
    supersonic cruise performance
    sustained maneuver performance
    sustained turning performance
    tail-chase performance
    takeoff and landing performance
    takeoff performance
    task performance
    taxi performance
    throttle performance
    tilt-rotor performance
    time-domain performance
    tracking performance
    transient performance
    transition performance
    turning performance
    V/STOL performance
    velocity performance
    vibration performance
    warload/radius performance
    wet field performance
    wet runway performance
    windmilling performance

    Авиасловарь > performance

  • 4 capability

    1. возможность; способность
    4-D capability
    9-g capability
    accel-decel capability
    acceleration-deceleration capability
    acoustic processing capability
    aft-loading cargo capability
    air-defence capability
    air-superiority capability
    air-to-air capability
    air-to-air combat capability
    aircraft design capability
    airdrop capability
    all-aspect capability
    all-altitude penetration capability
    all-weather capability
    altitude reporting capability
    anti-g capability
    antihelicopter capability
    antisubmarine capability
    area navigation capability
    autolanding capability
    autonomous landing capability
    baseline capability
    beyond-visual-range capability
    birdstrike capability
    bump absorption capability
    Cat I capability
    climb capability
    CLmax capability
    computational capability
    continued takeoff capability
    cost-effective capability
    counter-countermeasures capability
    crossfeed capability
    crosswind capability
    decoupling capability
    degraded mode capability
    design capability
    diagnostic capability
    direct force capability
    dry-run capability
    dual-role capability
    endurance capability
    energy absorbing capability
    energy absorption capability
    engine-out capability
    enhanced capability
    fail-operational capability
    failure mode capability
    first-look capability
    first-shoot capability
    first-shot capability
    flutter prediction capability
    forward field capability
    full-aerobatic capability
    full-envelope 9-g load factor capability
    full-envelope escape capability
    full-lift capability
    full-envelope capability
    functional capability
    G capability
    g onset rate capability
    go-around capability
    gross weight capability
    hands-off landing capability
    hard-turning capability
    high-alpha capability
    high-g maneuver capability
    high-lift capability
    high-payload/long-range capability
    high-speed cruise capability
    hover capability
    IFR capability
    incidence capability
    independent capability
    inspection capability
    instantaneous maneuver capability
    instantaneous turn capability
    instantaneous turning capability
    instrument flight rule capability
    launch-and-leave capability
    lift capability
    limited all-weather capability
    load factor capability
    load-carrying capability
    loaded capability
    lock-on after launch capability
    look-ahead capability
    look-down shoot-down capability
    look-into-turn capability
    Mach 1.8 capability
    Mach number capability
    maneuver capability
    maneuvering capability
    moving-base capability
    multidesign-point capability
    multimission capability
    multiple-frequency capability
    multipoint tanker capability
    nap-of-the-earth capability
    naval attack capability
    negative-g capability
    night fighting capability
    nozzle vector capability
    off-airfield capability
    off-axis capability
    off-boresight capability
    off-boresight angle capability
    paradrop capability
    payload capability
    payload-carrying capability
    payload/range capability
    pilot-aircraft capability
    pitch rate capability
    pitch-snatch capability
    point-and-shoot capability
    post-stall capability
    probe-and-drogue capability
    PST capability
    range capability
    rate of climb capability
    real-time capability
    reduced-field-length capability
    rotor overspeed capability
    rough airfield capability
    rough field capability
    rough ground capability
    rough surface capability
    rugged-terrain capability
    see-through capability
    self-diagnostic capability
    short-field capability
    short-landing capability
    short-takeoff capability
    simulation capability
    sink-rate capability
    six degree-of-freedom capability
    snap/shoot attack capability
    sortie generation capability
    speed capability
    standoff capability
    stealth capability
    sustained turn capability
    sustained-g capability
    swing capability
    swing-role capability
    temperature capability
    terrain-clearance capability
    tolerance capability
    touchscreen capability
    tracking capability
    trim capability
    turn capability
    two-fail-operate capability
    unimproved-field capability
    variable-cycle capability
    vector capability
    vertical capability
    vertical landing capability
    zero altitude zero speed escape capability

    Авиасловарь > capability

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