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supersaturated design

  • 1 supersaturated design

    French\ \ plan super-saturé
    German\ \ übersättigtes Design
    Dutch\ \ oververzadigde proefopzet
    Italian\ \ disegno supersaturo
    Spanish\ \ diseño sobresaturada
    Catalan\ \ disseny supersaturat
    Portuguese\ \ delineamento supersaturado
    Romanian\ \ -
    Danish\ \ -
    Norwegian\ \ -
    Swedish\ \ övermättad försöksplan
    Greek\ \ υπέρκορα σχεδιασμός
    Finnish\ \ ylisaturoitu asetelma
    Hungarian\ \ túltelített terv
    Turkish\ \ fazla doymuş tasarım
    Estonian\ \ üleküllastatud plaan
    Lithuanian\ \ persotintasis modelis
    Slovenian\ \ -
    Polish\ \ układ supernasycony
    Ukrainian\ \ наднасичений план
    Serbian\ \ -
    Icelandic\ \ yfirmettuð hönnun
    Euskara\ \ -
    Farsi\ \ -
    Persian-Farsi\ \ طرح فوق اشباع
    Arabic\ \ تصميم فوق التشبع
    Afrikaans\ \ superversadigde ontwerp
    Chinese\ \ 超 饱 和 设 计
    Korean\ \ 초 포화 설계

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