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structural error

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  • Structural — Struc tur*al, a. 1. Of or pertaining to structure; affecting structure; as, a structural error. [1913 Webster] 2. (Biol.) Of or pertaining to organit structure; as, a structural element or cell; the structural peculiarities of an animal or a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Structural equation modeling — (SEM) is a statistical technique for testing and estimating causal relations using a combination of statistical data and qualitative causal assumptions. This definition of SEM was articulated by the geneticist Sewall Wright (1921),[1] the… …   Wikipedia

  • Structural engineering — is a field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineering is usually considered a speciality within civil engineering, but it can also be studied in its own right. [cite… …   Wikipedia

  • Structural alignment — is a form of sequence alignment based on comparison of shape. These alignments attempt to establish equivalences between two or more polymer structures based on their shape and three dimensional conformation. This process is usually applied to… …   Wikipedia

  • Structural analysis — comprises the set of physical laws and mathematics required to study and predict the behavior of structures. The subjects of structural analysis are engineering artifacts whose integrity is judged largely based upon their ability to withstand… …   Wikipedia

  • structural equations — specify, by means of a set of linear equations, how a set of variables are related to each other in terms of cause and effect ( causal models ) or paths through ordered networks of statistical dependence ( path analysis ). The variables within… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Structural failure — v · d · e Materials failure modes Buckling · …   Wikipedia

  • Structural Similarity — SSIM (Structural SIMilarity) est une mesure de similarité entre deux images numériques. Elle a été développée pour mesurer la qualité visuelle d une image compressée, par rapport à l image originale. L idée de SSIM est de mesurer la similarité de …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Loss of structural integrity on an aircraft — is a phenomenon which has been known to occur in several major incidents in aviation history.Types Note: Most information below has been collected from Wikipedia, but other sources include National Geographic Channel s Seconds From Disaster and… …   Wikipedia

  • United States v. Gonzalez-Lopez — SCOTUSCase Litigants=United States v. Gonzalez Lopez ArgueDate=April 18 ArgueYear=2006 DecideDate=June 26 DecideYear=2006 FullName=United States v. Cuauhtémoc Gonzalez Lopez Docket=05 352 Citation=126 S. Ct. 2557; 165 L. Ed. 2d 409; 2006 U.S.… …   Wikipedia

  • lipid — /lip id, luy pid/, n. Biochem. any of a group of organic compounds that are greasy to the touch, insoluble in water, and soluble in alcohol and ether: lipids comprise the fats and other esters with analogous properties and constitute, with… …   Universalium

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