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stellar body

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  • Stellar kinematics — is the study of the movement of stars without needing to understand how they acquired their motion. This differs from stellar dynamics, which takes into account gravitational effects. The motion of a star relative to the Sun can provide useful… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar rotation — is the angular motion of a star about its axis. The rate of rotation can be measured from the spectrum of the star, or by timing the movements of active features on the surface.The rotation of a star produces an equatorial bulge due to… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar dynamics — is the branch of astrophysics which describes in a statistical way the collective motions of stars subject to their mutual gravity. The long range of gravity and the slow relaxation of stellar systems prevent the use of the methods of statistical …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar wobble — is a variation in the position of a star due to the gravitational influence of another body orbiting it. Stellar wobble is visible as a Doppler redshift in the star s spectrum or as a motion of the star in the plane of the sky. The Doppler shift… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar classification — In astronomy, stellar classification is a classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics. The spectral class of a star is a designated class of a star describing the ionization of its chromosphere, what atomic excitations are… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar parallax — Parallax Par al*lax, n. [Gr. ? alternation, the mutual inclination of two lines forming an angle, fr. ? to change a little, go aside, deviate; para beside, beyond + ? to change: cf. F. parallaxe. Cf. {Parallel}.] 1. The apparent displacement, or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Stellar dragon — In the Spelljammer universe, the stellar dragon is probably the largest dragon specie in existence. Big, peaceful and highly intelligent, these enormous philosophers of the phlogiston wander the flow in their quest for knowledge. Iridescent deep… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar magnetic field — A stellar magnetic field is a magnetic field generated by the motion of conductive plasma inside a main sequence (hydrogen burning) star. This motion is created through convection, which is a form of energy transport involving the physical… …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of stellar astronomy — Timeline of stellar astronomy* 134 BC Hipparchus creates the magnitude scale of stellar apparent luminosities * 185 AD Chinese astronomers become the first to observe a supernova, the SN 185 * 964 Abd al Rahman al Sufi (Azophi) writes the Book of …   Wikipedia

  • celestial body — noun natural objects visible in the sky (Freq. 1) • Syn: ↑heavenly body • Members of this Topic: ↑twinkle, ↑winkle, ↑scintillate • Hypernyms: ↑natural object …   Useful english dictionary

  • heavenly body — noun natural objects visible in the sky (Freq. 1) • Syn: ↑celestial body • Members of this Topic: ↑twinkle, ↑winkle, ↑scintillate • Hypernyms: ↑natural object …   Useful english dictionary


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