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spirits, discernment of

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  • spirits, discernment of —  Духов различение …   Вестминстерский словарь теологических терминов

  • Discernment of Spirits — • In the restricted sense, spirits indicate the various spiritual agents which, by their suggestions and movements, may influence the moral value of our acts Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Discernment of Spirits      …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Discernment — is a term used to describe the activity of determining the value and quality of a certain subject or event. Typically, it is used to describe the activity of going past the mere perception of something, to making detailed judgments about that… …   Wikipedia

  • Discernment of Spirits — is a term in Roman Catholic theology to indicate judging various spiritual agents for their moral influence. These agents are: from within the human soul itself, known as concupiscence Divine Grace Angels Devils The first and the last being evil …   Wikipedia

  • discernment —    This word (from the Latin discernere, meaning to distinguish or to sift ) refers to the process of evaluating available options and then making a decision. Discernment of spirits refers to the process of deciding whether a course of action is… …   Glossary of theological terms

  • discernment of spirits — Paul regards the ability to recognize gifts of the Spirit [[➝ spirit]] as itself a gift (1 Cor. 12:10); it enables a person to establish the presence or the absence of God or, a worse case, the activity of an evil power disguised as good. One… …   Dictionary of the Bible

  • discernment of spirits —  Распознавание духов …   Вестминстерский словарь теологических терминов

  • Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola — The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, (written within 1522 1524) are a brief set of meditations, prayers and mental exercises, available in various book formats, designed to be carried out over a period of 28 to 30 days. The book is… …   Wikipedia

  • Духов различение —  ♦ (ENG spirits, discernment of)    дар Святого Духа верующим, позволяющий им распознавать и определять, какие духи от Бога (1 Кор. 12:10) …   Вестминстерский словарь теологических терминов

  • Ethereal being — Water nymph by John Collier, 1923. Ethereal beings, according to some belief systems and occult theories, are mystic entities that usually are not made of ordinary matter. Despite the fact that they are believed to be essentially incorporeal,… …   Wikipedia

  • Private Revelations —     Private Revelations     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Private Revelations     There are two kinds of revelations:     (1) universal revelations, which are contained in the Bible or in the depositum of Apostolic tradition transmitted by the Church …   Catholic encyclopedia

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