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speed up

  • 1 speed

    [spi:d] 1. noun
    1) (rate of moving: a slow speed; The car was travelling at high speed.) rychlost
    2) (quickness of moving.) rychlost
    2. verb
    1) ((past tense, past participles sped [sped] speeded) to (cause to) move or progress quickly; to hurry: The car sped/speeded along the motorway.) uhánět
    2) ((past tense, past participle speeded) to drive very fast in a car etc, faster than is allowed by law: The policeman said that I had been speeding.) překročit povolenou rychlost
    - speedy
    - speedily
    - speediness
    - speed bump
    - speed trap
    - speedometer
    - speed up
    * * *
    • rychlost
    • speed/sped/sped

    English-Czech dictionary > speed

  • 2 speed up

    past tense, past participle - speeded (-)
    1) (to increase speed: The car speeded up as it left the town.) zrychlit
    2) (to quicken the rate of: We are trying to speed up production.) urychlit
    * * *
    • zrychlit

    English-Czech dictionary > speed up

  • 3 speed-up

    • zrychlení

    English-Czech dictionary > speed-up

  • 4 speed trap

    noun (a device used by the police to catch drivers exceeding the speed limit.) radarová past
    * * *
    • silniční radar

    English-Czech dictionary > speed trap

  • 5 speed limit

    • omezení rychlosti

    English-Czech dictionary > speed limit

  • 6 speed bump

    noun (a raised part across the road to make drivers slow down.) retardér

    English-Czech dictionary > speed bump

  • 7 pick up speed

    (to go faster; to accelerate: The car picked up speed as it ran down the hill.) nabrat rychlost

    English-Czech dictionary > pick up speed

  • 8 air speed

    • rychlost vzduchu

    English-Czech dictionary > air speed

  • 9 at a speed

    • rychlostí

    English-Czech dictionary > at a speed

  • 10 at the speed of

    • rychlostí

    English-Czech dictionary > at the speed of

  • 11 ground speed

    • rychlost vůči zemi

    English-Czech dictionary > ground speed

  • 12 high-speed

    • vysokorychlostní

    English-Czech dictionary > high-speed

  • 13 rotation speed

    • otáčky

    English-Czech dictionary > rotation speed

  • 14 rotational speed

    • otáčky

    English-Czech dictionary > rotational speed

  • 15 breakneck

    adjective ((usually of speed) dangerous: He drove at breakneck speed.) krkolomný
    * * *
    • závratný
    • ohromný
    • krkolomný

    English-Czech dictionary > breakneck

  • 16 sped

    * * *
    • uháněl
    • urychlil
    • speed/sped/sped
    • spěchal

    English-Czech dictionary > sped

  • 17 sprint

    [sprint] 1. noun
    1) (a run or running race performed at high speed over a short distance: Who won the 100 metres sprint?) sprint
    2) (the pace of this: He ran up the road at a sprint.) sprint
    2. verb
    (to run at full speed especially (in) a race: He sprinted (for) the last few hundred metres.) sprintovat
    * * *
    • sprint

    English-Czech dictionary > sprint

  • 18 stall

    I [sto:l] noun
    1) (a compartment in a cowshed etc: cattle stalls.) kotec
    2) (a small shop or a counter or table on which goods are displayed for sale: He bought a newspaper at the bookstall on the station; traders' stalls.) kiosk, stánek
    II 1. [sto:l] verb
    1) ((of a car etc or its engine) to stop suddenly through lack of power, braking too quickly etc: The car stalled when I was halfway up the hill.) zhasnout
    2) ((of an aircraft) to lose speed while flying and so go out of control: The plane stalled just after take-off and crashed on to the runway.) ztratit rychlost
    3) (to cause (a car etc, or aircraft) to do this: Use the brake gently or you'll stall the engine.) zablokovat
    2. noun
    (a dangerous loss of flying speed in an aircraft, causing it to drop: The plane went into a stall.) přetažený
    III [sto:l] verb
    (to avoid making a definite decision in order to give oneself more time.) oddalovat
    * * *
    • ustájit
    • zastavení vozidla
    • zhasnutí motoru
    • stáj
    • stánek
    • stání
    • kiosk
    • kotec
    • blokovat
    • chlév

    English-Czech dictionary > stall

  • 19 accelerate

    1) (to increase speed: The driver accelerated to pass the other car.) zrychlit
    2) (to make (something) happen sooner: Worry accelerated his death.) urychlit
    - accelerator
    * * *
    • urychlovat
    • urychlit
    • zrychlovat
    • zrychlit
    • akcelerovat

    English-Czech dictionary > accelerate

  • 20 accelerator

    noun (a pedal, lever etc that controls the speed or acceleration of a machine.) akcelerátor
    * * *
    • urychlovač
    • zrychlovač
    • plynový pedál
    • akcelerátor

    English-Czech dictionary > accelerator

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