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spectrum component

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  • Spectrum (functional analysis) — In functional analysis, the concept of the spectrum of a bounded operator is a generalisation of the concept of eigenvalues for matrices. Specifically, a complex number λ is said to be in the spectrum of a bounded linear operator T if… …   Wikipedia

  • spectrum — noun (plural spectra or spectrums) Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, appearance more at specter Date: 1671 1. a. a continuum of color formed when a beam of white light is dispersed (as by passage through a prism) so that its component wavelengths …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • spectrum — 1. The range of colors presented when white light is resolved into its constituent colors by being passed through a prism or through a diffraction grating : red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet …   Medical dictionary

  • spectrum —   n. (pl. ra) series of images, colours, etc., formed when ray of radiant energy is dispersed into its component parts.    ♦ spectrobolograph, n. photogographic record of lines of infra red spectrum.    ♦ spectrogram, n. representation of a… …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • spectrum line — noun an isolated component of a spectrum formed by radiation at a uniform frequency • Hypernyms: ↑line • Hyponyms: ↑fine structure • Part Holonyms: ↑spectrum …   Useful english dictionary

  • Principal component analysis — PCA of a multivariate Gaussian distribution centered at (1,3) with a standard deviation of 3 in roughly the (0.878, 0.478) direction and of 1 in the orthogonal direction. The vectors shown are the eigenvectors of the covariance matrix scaled by… …   Wikipedia

  • Political spectrum — A political spectrum (plural spectra) is a way of modeling different political positions by placing them upon one or more geometric axes symbolizing independent political dimensions.Most long standing spectra include a right wing and left wing,… …   Wikipedia

  • Frequency spectrum — Familiar concepts associated with a frequency are colors, musical notes, radio/TV channels, and even the regular rotation of the earth. A source of light can have many colors mixed together and in different amounts (intensities). A rainbow, or… …   Wikipedia

  • Hilbert spectrum — The Hilbert spectrum (sometimes referred to as the Hilbert amplitude spectrum ) is a statistical tool that can help in distinguishing among a mixture of moving signals. The spectrum itself is decomposed into its component sources using… …   Wikipedia

  • Risk-return spectrum — The risk return spectrum is the relationship between the amount of return gained on an investment and the amount of risk undertaken in that investment.fact|date=September 2007 The more return sought, the more risk that must be undertaken.The… …   Wikipedia

  • Complement component 5 — PDB rendering based on 3cu7. Available st …   Wikipedia


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