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spark discharge

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  • spark discharge — kibirkštinis išlydis statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. spark discharge vok. Funkenentladung, f; Funkentladung, f rus. искровой разряд, m pranc. décharge par étincelles, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • spark discharge — noun : an electric discharge accompanied by a spark : a disruptive discharge …   Useful english dictionary

  • spark discharge voltage — See ignition voltage …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • spark gap — n. a space between two electrodes through which a spark discharge may take place …   English World dictionary

  • Spark-gap transmitter — A spark gap transmitter is a device for generating radio frequency electromagnetic waves. These devices served as the transmitters for most wireless telegraphy systems for the first three decades of radio (1887 ndash;1916) and the first… …   Wikipedia

  • spark photography — noun : photography in which an electric spark discharge provides the only illumination and which is used especially for photographing rapidly moving objects * * * 1. photography of fast moving objects, as bullets, by the light of an electric… …   Useful english dictionary

  • spark gap — space between two conducting electrodes across which an electrical or spark discharge can occur …   English contemporary dictionary

  • discharge voltage — See spark discharge voltage …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • spark — ► NOUN 1) a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, alight in ashes, or caused by friction. 2) a light produced by a sudden disrupted electrical discharge through the air. 3) a discharge such as this serving to ignite the explosive mixture… …   English terms dictionary

  • spark — spark1 [spärk] n. [ME sperke < OE spearca, akin to MDu sparke < IE base * sp(h)er(e) g , to strew, sprinkle > SPRINKLE, L spargere] 1. a glowing bit of matter, esp. one thrown off by a fire 2. any flash or sparkle of light like this 3. a …   English World dictionary

  • Spark ionization — (also known as spark source ionization()) is a method used to produce gas phase ions from a solid sample. The prepared solid sample is vaporized and partially ionized by an intermittent discharge or spark. [… …   Wikipedia

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