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source of error

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  • Source-monitoring error — DefinitionSource monitoring error is the term used by the many fields of neuroscience for the brain s failure to correctly determine whether a specific memory comes from short term or long term memory and which other memories might be associated… …   Wikipedia

  • Error diffusion — is a type of halftoning in which the quantization residual is distributed to neighboring pixels which have not yet been processed. Its main use is to convert a multi level image into a binary image, though it has other applications.Unlike many… …   Wikipedia

  • Error in the System — Studio album by Peter Schilling Released 1983 (English version) 1983 (German version) Recorded …   Wikipedia

  • Error exponent — In information theory, the error exponent of a channel code or source code over the block length of the code is the logarithm of the error probability. For example, if the probability of error of a decoder drops as e – n α, where n is the block… …   Wikipedia

  • Error code — In computer programming, error codes are enumerated messages that correspond to faults in a specific software application. They are typically used to identify faulty hardware, software, or incorrect user input in programming languages that lack… …   Wikipedia

  • Error detection and correction — In mathematics, computer science, telecommunication, and information theory, error detection and correction has great practical importance in maintaining data (information) integrity across noisy channels and less than reliable storage… …   Wikipedia

  • error — 01. My teacher always told me that [errors] are little gifts that help us to learn. 02. You should check your homework before handing it in so that you can find your own [errors]. 03. While rock climbing, you need to remain very focused so that… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • Error Detection and Handling — In television technology, Error Detection and Handling (EDH) protocol is an optional but commonly used addition to the Standard Definition Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard. This protocol allows an SD SDI receiver to verify that each field… …   Wikipedia

  • Source upgrade — In the jargon of computer games, a source upgrade is a modification of a computer program s source code, which adds new features and options to it, improves performance and stability, or fixes bugs and errors from the previous version. There are… …   Wikipedia

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  • Error correction code — Code correcteur Un code correcteur est une technique de codage basée sur la redondance. Elle est destinée à corriger les erreurs de transmission d une information (plus souvent appelée message) sur une voie de communication peu fiable. La théorie …   Wikipédia en Français


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