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  • 1 sophisticated

    1) ((of a person) having a great deal of experience and worldly wisdom, knowledge of how to dress elegantly etc: a sophisticated young man; She has become very sophisticated since she went to live in London.) sofisticado
    2) (suitable for, or typical of, sophisticated people: The joke was too sophisticated for the child to understand; sophisticated clothes/hairstyles.) sutil, sofisticado, complejo
    3) ((of machines, processes etc) highly-developed, elaborate and produced with a high degree of skill and knowledge: sophisticated photographic techniques.) sofisticado
    1 sofisticado,-a
    sophisticated [sə'fɪstə.keɪt̬əd] adj
    1) complex: complejo
    2) worldly-wise: sofisticado
    avanzado, -a adj.
    mundano, -a adj.
    sofisticado, -a adj.
    sə'fɪstəkeɪtəd, sə'fɪstɪkeɪtɪd
    a) (urbane, worldly-wise) <appearance/clothes/person> sofisticado
    b) ( complex) <machine/technique> complejo, altamente desarrollado or perfeccionado
    1) (=refined) [person, lifestyle, tastes, clothes] sofisticado
    2) (=complex) [idea] sofisticado; [equipment] sofisticado, complejo, altamente desarrollado; [technique] sofisticado, muy elaborado, complejo; [play, film, book] muy elaborado, complejo
    * * *
    [sə'fɪstəkeɪtəd, sə'fɪstɪkeɪtɪd]
    a) (urbane, worldly-wise) <appearance/clothes/person> sofisticado
    b) ( complex) <machine/technique> complejo, altamente desarrollado or perfeccionado

    English-spanish dictionary > sophisticated

  • 2 sophisticated

    1 sofisticado(a).
    2 refinado.
    participio pasado del verbo SOPHISTICATE.
    pretérito del verbo: SOPHISTICATE

    Nuevo Diccionario Inglés-Español > sophisticated

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