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solid argument

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  • solid — adjective 1) the ice cream was solid Syn: hard, rock hard, rigid, firm, solidified, set, frozen, concrete Ant: liquid, gaseous 2) solid gold Syn …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • solid — adjective 1) the plaster was solid Syn: hard, rock hard, rigid, firm, solidified, set, frozen 2) solid gold Syn: pure, unadulterated, genuine 3) …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • argument — n. dispute 1) to get into, have an argument 2) to break off, terminate; clinch, settle an argument 3) an angry, bitter, heated, loud, violent argument 4) an argument breaks out 5) an argument about, over; between; with (I had a bitter argument… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • Argument from ignorance — The argument from ignorance, also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam ( appeal to ignorance [ [http://philosophy.lander.edu/logic/ignorance.html Argumentum ad Ignorantiam ] ] ) or argument by lack of imagination, is a logical fallacy in which it… …   Wikipedia

  • Solid lead — Guerre de Gaza de 2008 2009 Guerre de Gaza de 2008 2009 Informations générales Date depuis le 27 décembre 2008 Lieu Bande de Gaza Issue Belligérants …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Einstein solid — The Einstein solid is a model of a solid based on three assumptions: * Each atom in the lattice is a 3D quantum harmonic oscillator * Atoms do not interact with each other * All atoms vibrate with the same frequency (contrast with the Debye… …   Wikipedia

  • Gade v. National Solid Wastes Management Association — SCOTUSCase Litigants=Gade v. Nat l Solid Waste Management Assoc. ArgueDate=March 23 ArgueYear=1992 DecideDate=June 18 DecideYear=1992 FullName=Gade v. National Solid Waste Management Association USVol=505 USPage=88 Citation=112 S.Ct. 2374 Prior=… …   Wikipedia

  • Biblical Exegesis —     Biblical Exegesis     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Biblical Exegesis     Exegesis is the branch of theology which investigates and expresses the true sense of Sacred Scripture.     The exegete does not inquire which books constitute Sacred… …   Catholic encyclopedia

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