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sign test

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  • Sign test — In statistics, the sign test can be used to test the hypothesis that there is no difference between the continuous distributions of two random variables X and Y . Formally:Let p = Pr( X > Y ), and then test the null hypothesis H0: p = 0.50. This… …   Wikipedia

  • sign test — a nonparametric statistical test based on a null hypothesis that by chance the experimental group should outperform the control group for half the outcome variables and vice versa. Results are scored as a series of pluses and minuses awarded to… …   Medical dictionary

  • Lasиgue sign test — La·sиgue sign, test (lah segґ) [Ernest Charles Lasиgue, French physician, 1816–1883] see under sign, and see straight leg–raising test, under test …   Medical dictionary

  • Phalen sign test (maneuver) — Pha·len sign, test (maneuver) (faґlən) [George S. Phalen, American orthopedic surgeon, 1911–1998] see under sign and test …   Medical dictionary

  • Bбrбny symptom (sign test) pointing test — Bб·rб·ny symptom (sign, test), pointing test (bahґrah ne) [Robert Bбrбny, Austrian physician in Sweden and Nobel prize winner, 1876–1936 ] see under symptom and test …   Medical dictionary

  • Erichsen sign (test) — Er·ich·sen sign (test) (erґik sən) [Sir John Eric Erichsen, English surgeon, 1818–1896] see under sign …   Medical dictionary

  • Gaenslen sign (test) — Gaens·len sign (test) (genzґlən) [Frederick Julius Gaenslen, American surgeon, 1877–1937] see under sign …   Medical dictionary

  • Romberg disease (trophoneurosis) sign (test) spasm — Rom·berg disease (trophoneurosis), sign (test), spasm (romґbərg) [Moritz Heinrich Romberg, German physician, 1795–1873] see facial hemiatrophy, under hemiatrophy, and see under sign and spasm …   Medical dictionary

  • Becker phenomenon (sign) test — Beck·er phenomenon (sign), test (bekґər) [Otto Heinrich Enoch Becker, German oculist, 1828–1890] see under phenomenon and test …   Medical dictionary

  • Boas algesimeter point (sign test) — Bo·as algesimeter, point (sign, test) (boґahs) [Ismar Isidor Boas, German physician, 1858–1938] see under algesimeter and point …   Medical dictionary

  • Rumpel-Leede phenomenon (sign test) — Rum·pel Leede phenomenon (sign, test) (roomґpəl lēdґ) [Theodor Rumpel, German physician, 1862–1923; Carl Stockbridge Leede, American physician, 1882–1964] see under phenomenon …   Medical dictionary


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