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sharply swept

  • 1 sharply swept

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > sharply swept

  • 2 sharply-swept

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > sharply-swept

  • 3 sharply-swept

    English-Russian big medical dictionary > sharply-swept

  • 4 sharply-swept wing

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > sharply-swept wing

  • 5 sharply-swept wing

    Англо русский политехнический словарь > sharply-swept wing

  • 6 sharply-swept wing

    English-Russian big polytechnic dictionary > sharply-swept wing

  • 7 wing

    1. крыло; полукрыло, консоль крыла
    2. авиационное крыло, авиакрыло < организационная единица>; авиационное подразделение; авиаотряд
    wing alone
    wing with separated flow
    adjustable camber wing
    advanced materials wing
    advancing wing
    aeroelastic-loaded wing
    aeroelastically tailored wing
    aft-swept wing
    anhedral wing
    arched wing
    arrow wing
    arrowhead wing
    asymmetric swept wing
    asymmetrically swept wing
    augmentor wing
    beam-like wing
    bigger-span wing
    boundary layer controlled wing
    cambered wing
    canard wing
    cantilever wing
    cantilever restrained wing
    cantilevered wing
    carbon wing
    carbon fiber wing
    carbon-fiber-reinforced wing
    caret wing
    caret-shaped wing
    center wing
    circular wing
    circulation control wing
    circulation controlled wing
    clipped wing
    close-coupled wing and canard
    clumsy wing
    composite planform wing
    compound delta wing
    computer-controlled wing
    connected wing
    cranked wing
    cranked-arrow wing
    crescent wing
    crescent-moon-shaped wing
    cropped-delta wing
    cruciform wings
    de-riggable wing
    delta wing
    delta-rectangular wing
    diamond wing
    diamond-shaped wing
    double-delta wing
    double-membrane flexible wing
    double-surface wing
    downgoing wing
    elliptic wing
    elliptically-loaded wing
    extended-span wing
    failed-engine wing
    fatigue-test wing
    fenced wing
    finite wing
    fixed wing
    fixed-camber wing
    fixed-planform wing
    flapped wing
    flapping wing
    flat wing
    flat-bottomed wing
    flat-plate wing
    flex wing
    flexible wing
    flying wing
    forward-swept wing
    fuel-carrying wing
    fully stalled wing
    fully swept wing
    fully swept-back wing
    graphite epoxy wing
    gross wing
    high wing
    high-alpha wing
    high-aspect-ratio wing
    high-lift wing
    high-mounted wing
    high-speed wing
    high-sweep wing
    highly swept wing
    highly tapered wing
    hybrid wing
    inboard wing
    increased-span wing
    infinite aspect-ratio wing
    intowind wing
    inverse-tapered wing
    isolated wing
    jet flap wing
    jet flapped wing
    joined wing
    laminar-flow wing
    leeward wing
    left wing
    left-side wing
    low wing
    low-aspect-ratio wing
    low-mounted wing
    maneuvering wing
    membrane wing
    mid wing
    mid-mounted wing
    mission adaptive wing
    moderately swept wing
    net wing
    NLF wing
    nonplanar wing
    oblique wing
    ogee wing
    one-piece wing
    out-of-wind wing
    outboard wing
    outer wing
    parasol wing
    planar wing
    plunging wing
    porous wing
    port wing
    powered-lift wing
    propulsive-lift wing
    pure delta wing
    range-enhancing wing
    rectangular wing
    replacement wing
    retreating wing
    rhomboidal wing
    right wing
    right-side wing
    ring wing
    Rogallo wing
    rolling wing
    rotary wing
    rotating wing
    round-edge wing
    sailplane wing
    self-optimizing wing
    semispan wing
    serrated wing
    sharp edged wing
    sharp-edged wing
    sharply tapered wing
    shoulder wing
    shoulder-mounted wing
    single-membrane flexible wing
    single-piece wing
    single-surface wing
    skewed wing
    slab trailing edge wing
    slatted wing
    slender wing
    smooth variable camber wing
    snagged wing
    stalled wing
    starboard wing
    stationary wing
    stealth wing
    stiffened wing
    STOL wing
    straight wing
    straight-edge wing
    structurally tailored wing
    strut-braced wing
    stub wing
    stubby wing
    stuck wing
    supercritical wing
    supercritical-section wing
    symmetric wing
    symmetric swept wing
    symmetrical wing
    tapered wing
    three-dimensional wing
    transport-type wing
    trapezoidal wing
    two-position wing
    two-spar wing
    uncambered wing
    unflapped wing
    unstraked wing
    unswept wing
    untapered wing
    untrimmed wing
    unwarped wing
    upgoing wing
    upturned wing
    upward wing
    upward moving wing
    variable camber wing
    variable forward sweep wing
    variable span wing
    variable symmetric-sweep wing
    variable-geometry wing
    variable-incidence wing
    variable-skew wing
    variable-sweep oblique wing
    vortex generator-equipped wing
    washin wing
    washout wing
    wet wing
    windward wing
    winglet-fitted wing
    X wing
    yawed wing

    Авиасловарь > wing

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