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servomechanism control

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  • servomechanism — [sʉr΄vō mek′ə niz΄əm] n. [< SERVOMOTOR + MECHANISM] an automatic control system in which the output is constantly or intermittently compared with the input through feedback so that the error or difference between the two quantities can be used …   English World dictionary

  • Control engineering — Control systems play a critical role in space flight Control engineering or Control systems engineering is the engineering discipline that applies control theory to design systems with predictable behaviors. The practice uses sensors to measure… …   Wikipedia

  • Servomechanism — [ thumb|right|200px|Industrial servomotor The grey/green cylinder is the brush type DC motor. The black section at the bottom contains the planetary reduction gear, and the black object atop the motor is the optical encoder for position feedback …   Wikipedia

  • control system — Means by which a set of variable quantities is held constant or caused to vary in a prescribed way. Control systems are intimately related to the concept of automation but have an ancient history. Roman engineers maintained water levels in… …   Universalium

  • servomechanism — servomechanical /serr voh meuh kan i keuhl/, adj. servomechanically, adv. /serr voh mek euh niz euhm, serr voh mek /, n. an electronic control system in which a hydraulic, pneumatic, or other type of controlling mechanism is actuated and… …   Universalium

  • servomechanism — A type of control system in which a small signal or a small force is used to control a much larger force and in which output accurately follows the input even if it is varying rapidly. The system constantly compares the input and the output until …   Aviation dictionary

  • Control theory — For control theory in psychology and sociology, see control theory (sociology) and Perceptual Control Theory. The concept of the feedback loop to control the dynamic behavior of the system: this is negative feedback, because the sensed value is… …   Wikipedia

  • control system — noun a system for controlling the operation of another system • Hypernyms: ↑system • Hyponyms: ↑closed loop, ↑closed loop system, ↑servo, ↑servomechanism, ↑servosystem * * * control system …   Useful english dictionary

  • servomechanism — 1. A control system using negative feedback to operate another system. 2. A process that behaves as a self regulatory device; e.g., the reaction of the pupil to light. [L. servus, servant, + G. mechane, contrivance] * * …   Medical dictionary

  • servomechanism — noun control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power; may include a negative feedback system • Syn: ↑servo, ↑servosystem • Derivationally related forms: ↑servo (for: ↑servo) • Hy …   Useful english dictionary

  • servomechanism — Synonyms and related words: Flettner control, action, autosyn, clockworks, cybernion, direct current servo, drive train, gear, hemostat, hydraulic servo, innards, machinery, mechanism, motion, movement, movements, pneumatic servo, power brake,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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