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  • 1 see

    1. देखना
    I can see sun setting behind the sea.
    2. से मिलना
    The principal wants to see you in the interval.
    3. पता लगाना
    Just go and see what children are doing.
    4. समझना
    He didn't see the joke.
    5. अनुभव करना
    He has seen a great deal in his long life.
    6. साथ जाना
    I saw the old lady across the road.
    7. कल्पना करना
    Her colleagues see her as a future director.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see

  • 2 see

    बिशप अधिकारी का क्षेत्र, पादरी का स्थान
    v. tr.
    देखना, दृष्टि करना, अवलोकन करना; मालूम करना, समझना, गौर करना; मुलाकात करना, भेंट करना; चौकसी करना, देख भाल करना

    English-Hindi new dictionary > see

  • 3 see through

    1. समझना
    The teacher could see through students very well.
    2. पूरा करना
    She is determined to see the job through.
    3. की सहायता करना
    Her courage and good humour saw her through the bad times.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see through

  • 4 see about

    1. प्रबन्ध करना
    Today she will definitely see about getting the top repaired.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see about

  • 5 see more of some one

    1. से अक्सर मिलना
    The more I see her the less I like her.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see more of some one

  • 6 see off

    1. विदा करना
    I will go to see her off tonight.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see off

  • 7 see over

    1. निरीक्षण करना
    We need to see over the house before we can make you a offer.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see over

  • 8 see-Saw

    1. झूमा-झूमी खेलना
    We all love seesawing in the evening.
    2. घटना-बढ़ना
    Life is full of see saws.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see-Saw

  • 9 see-saw

    1. झूमा-झूमी
    One must be careful while sitting on a seesaw.
    2. उतार-चड़ाव
    He has seen numerous see-saws in his lifetime.

    English-Hindi dictionary > see-saw

  • 10 to see

    English-Hindi Amateurish dictionary > to see

  • 11 glimmer

    1. चमक
    The glimmer of the bulb helped us to see in the night.
    2. झलक
    There is always a glimmer of happiness in every disappointment.
    1. झलकना/टिमटिमाना
    Do you see that light glimmering there ?

    English-Hindi dictionary > glimmer

  • 12 Infuriating

    1. क्रोधित करने वाला
    It was infuriating to see the students misbehave.

    English-Hindi dictionary > Infuriating

  • 13 scarchmark

    1. खरोंच\scarchmarkके\scarchmarkनिशान
    One can see many scarch marks on the surface of the land in the summer season.

    English-Hindi dictionary > scarchmark

  • 14 adult

    1. वयस्क
    Children are not allowed to see adult movies.
    1. बालिग
    Adults too like children's movies.

    English-Hindi dictionary > adult

  • 15 algae

    1. शैवाल\{समुद्र की काई\}
    I could see blue-green shades on algae under the microscope.

    English-Hindi dictionary > algae

  • 16 arc

    1. वृत्तांश
    From a distance we could see the arc of a rainbow.

    English-Hindi dictionary > arc

  • 17 arrow

    1. तीर/बाण/शर
    Ram shot the arrow that killed Ravana.
    2. `-->' चिह्न
    A few steps down the lane you can see the arrow showing the direction of the park.

    English-Hindi dictionary > arrow

  • 18 assemblage

    1. जमघट
    One can see the assemblage of old people in the temple every evening.

    English-Hindi dictionary > assemblage

  • 19 avenue

    1. पथ
    An avenue to success is shown by our teachers.
    सफलता का पथ शिक्षकों द्वारा दिखाया जाता है.
    2. पेड़\avenueदार\avenueपथ
    From the top of the building one could see the wide avenues leading to the
    Central Park.

    English-Hindi dictionary > avenue

  • 20 awful

    1. डरावना
    The sight of starving children is too awful to see.
    भूखे बच्चों ०को देखने का दृश्य डरावना होता है.
    2. भद्दा
    An awful movie.
    एक भद्दा चलचित्र.

    English-Hindi dictionary > awful

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