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  • 1 See

    v. trans.
    P. and V. ὁρᾶν (or mid. in V.), ἐφορᾶν, καθορᾶν (or mid. in V.), προσορᾶν (Plat.), V. εἰσορᾶν (or mid.) (rare P.).
    Behold: P. and V. σκοπεῖν, θεᾶσθαι, θεωρεῖν, ἀθρεῖν, V. προσλεύσσειν, προσδέρκεσθαι, εἰσδέρκεσθαι, Ar. and V. λεύσσειν, δέρκεσθαι, ἐποπτεύειν; see Look.
    Perceive: P. and V. γιγνώσκειν, μανθνειν, αἰσθνεσθαι (acc. or gen.), ἐπαισθνεσθαι (acc. or gen.), P. καταμανθάνειν, V. καταισθνεσθαι.
    Reflect: P. and V. σκοπεῖν, ἐπισκοπεῖν, φροντίζειν, νοεῖν (or mid.), ἐννοεῖν (or mid.).
    absol., have sight: Ar. and V. βλέπειν, P. and V. ὁρᾶν.
    See about, attend to: P. and V. θεραπεύειν (acc.), Ar. and P. ἐπιμέλεσθαι (gen.), P. and V. φροντίζειν (gen.), κήδεσθαι (gen.), V. μέλεσθαι (gen.).
    See after: see see about.
    See at a glance: P. συνορᾶν.
    See from a distance: V. ἐξορᾶν, also an aor., ἐξαπιδεῖν (Soph., O.C. 1648).
    See in (a person or thing): Ar. and P. ἐνορᾶν (τί τινι or ἔν τινι).
    See off: P. and V. προπέμπειν.
    See through: P. διορᾶν. met., understand.
    See to: see attend to.
    See to it that: P. and V. φροντίζειν ὅπως (aor. subj. or fut. indic.), P. ἐπιμέλεσθαι ὅπως (aor. subj. or fut. indic.), πράσσειν ὅπως (aor. subj. or fut. indic.); see Mind.
    See to it that we die nobly: V. ἀλλʼ ὅπως θανούμεθα κάλλιστα (Eur., I.T. 321).
    Ar. and V. δού; see Behold.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > See

  • 2 see

    I [si:] past tense - saw; verb
    1) (to have the power of sight: After six years of blindness, he found he could see.) βλέπω
    2) (to be aware of by means of the eye: I can see her in the garden.) βλέπω
    3) (to look at: Did you see that play on television?) βλέπω
    4) (to have a picture in the mind: I see many difficulties ahead.) βλέπω
    5) (to understand: She didn't see the point of the joke.) καταλαβαίνω,αντιλαμβάνομαι
    6) (to investigate: Leave this here and I'll see what I can do for you.) εξετάζω,κοιτάζω
    7) (to meet: I'll see you at the usual time.) συναντώ,επισκέπτομαι/δέχομαι
    8) (to accompany: I'll see you home.) συνοδεύω
    - seeing that
    - see off
    - see out
    - see through
    - see to
    - I
    - we will see
    II [si:] noun
    (the district over which a bishop or archbishop has authority.) επισκοπή,έδρα(επισκόπου ή αρχιεπισκόπου)

    English-Greek dictionary > see

  • 3 see to

    (to attend to or deal with: I must see to the baby.) φροντίζω,κανονίζω

    English-Greek dictionary > see to

  • 4 see


    English-Greek new dictionary > see

  • 5 see about

    (to attend to, or deal with: I'll see about this tomorrow.) φροντίζω

    English-Greek dictionary > see about

  • 6 see double

    (to see two images of everything instead of only one: When I first met the twins, I thought I was seeing double, they were so alike.) τα βλέπω διπλά

    English-Greek dictionary > see double

  • 7 see out

    (to last longer than: These old trees will see us all out.) ζω και μετά από

    English-Greek dictionary > see out

  • 8 see stars

    (to see flashes of light as a result of a hard blow on the head.) βλέπω αστεράκια

    English-Greek dictionary > see stars

  • 9 see through

    1) (to give support to (a person, plan etc) until the end is reached: I'd like to see the job through.) φέρω σε πέρας
    2) (not to be deceived by (a person, trick etc): We soon saw through him and his little plan.) καταλαβαίνω,δεν ξεγελιέμαι

    English-Greek dictionary > see through

  • 10 see/think fit

    (to consider that some action is right, suitable etc: You must do as you see fit (to do).) θεωρώ σωστό

    English-Greek dictionary > see/think fit

  • 11 see eye to eye

    (to be in agreement: We've never seen eye to eye about this matter.) συμφωνώ

    English-Greek dictionary > see eye to eye

  • 12 see how the land lies

    (to take a good look at the circumstances before making a decision.) βολιδοσκοπώ

    English-Greek dictionary > see how the land lies

  • 13 see off

    (to accompany (a person starting on a journey) to the airport, railway station etc from which he is to leave: He saw me off at the station.) ξεπροβοδίζω

    English-Greek dictionary > see off

  • 14 see red

    (to become angry: When he started criticizing my work, I really saw red.) γίνομαι έξω φρενών

    English-Greek dictionary > see red

  • 15 see etc the last of

    (to be finished with, be able to forget: You haven't heard the last of this!) ξεμπλέκω

    English-Greek dictionary > see etc the last of

  • 16 see the light

    1) (to be born, discovered, produced etc: After many problems his invention finally saw the light (of day).) γεννιέμαι: βλέπω το φως της ημέρας, δημοσιότητας
    2) (to be converted to someone else's point of view etc.) πείθομαι: αφυπνίζομαι

    English-Greek dictionary > see the light

  • 17 See-water

    P. and V. ἅλμη, ἡ.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > See-water

  • 18 See-weed

    P. φυκία, τά.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > See-weed

  • 19 we etc will see

    (I, we etc shall wait and consider the matter later: `May I have a new bicycle?' `We'll see.) έπρεπε να το καταλάβω

    English-Greek dictionary > we etc will see

  • 20 look at / see through rose-coloured spectacles/glasses

    (to take an over-optimistic view of.) τα βλέπω όλα ρόδινα

    English-Greek dictionary > look at / see through rose-coloured spectacles/glasses

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