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second-order fluid

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  • First-order fluid — A first order fluid is another name for a power law fluid with exponential dependence of viscosity on temperature.:mu {operatorname{eff(dot gamma, T) = mu 0 {dot gamma}^{n 1} exp ( bT)where dot gamma is the shear rate, T is temperature and mu 0,… …   Wikipedia

  • Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies — Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought is a 1995 book by Douglas Hofstadter and other members of the Fluid Analogies Research Group exploring the mechanisms of intelligence through computer …   Wikipedia

  • Generalized Newtonian fluid — A generalized Newtonian fluid is an idealized fluid for which the shear stress, tau; , is a function of shear rate at the particular time, but not dependent upon the history of deformation.: au = Fleft( frac {partial u} {partial y} ight) where:… …   Wikipedia

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