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  • sea|soned — «SEE zuhnd», adjective. 1. a) matured, hardened, or accustomed by some process of seasoning: »seasoned timber, seasoned troops. b) Figurative: »This was the finding last week of the seasoned political observers (Newsweek). SYNONYM(S): experienced …   Useful english dictionary

  • un|sea|soned — «uhn SEE zuhnd», adjective. 1. not matured, dried, hardened, or prepared by due seasoning: »unseasoned lumber. 2. not inured to a climate, service, work, or mode of life; inexperienced. 3. not tested and approved by time: »unseasoned securities.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • un·sea·soned — /ˌʌnˈsiːzn̩d/ adj 1 : not having a lot of experience in a particular job or activity an unseasoned actor/writer/rookie 2 of food : not having added spices, herbs, salt, pepper, etc. The dish can be left unseasoned …   Useful english dictionary

  • soned — sea·soned·ly; …   English syllables

  • sea — al·sea; bat·ter·sea; chel·sea; coun·ter·sea; de·sea·son·al·ize; lit·sea; mar·shal·sea; nail·sea; nau·sea; per·sea; sea; sea·bee; sea·berry; sea·cun·ny; sea·drome; sea·for·thia; sea·less; sea·ly·ham; sea·man; sea·man·ite; sea·man·ly; sea·man·ship; …   English syllables

  • Sea level rise — is an increase in sea level. Multiple complex factors may influence this change. Sea level has risen about 130 meters (400 ft) since the peak of the last ice age about 18,000 years ago. Most of the rise occurred before 6,000 years ago. From 3,000 …   Wikipedia

  • Sea of Azov — at Novaya Yalta, Donetsk Oblast …   Wikipedia

  • Sea turtle — Sea turtles An olive ridley sea turtle Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • Sea — (s[=e]), n. [OE. see, AS. s[=ae]; akin to D. zee, OS. & OHG. s[=e]o, G. see, OFries. se, Dan. s[ o], Sw. sj[ o], Icel. s[ae]r, Goth. saiws, and perhaps to L. saevus fierce, savage. [root]151a.] 1. One of the larger bodies of salt water, less than …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Sea ice — is largely formed from seawater that freezes. Because the oceans consist of saltwater, this occurs below the freezing point of pure water, at about 1.8 °C (28.8 °F). Sea ice may be contrasted with icebergs, which are chunks of ice shelves or… …   Wikipedia

  • Sea Cadet Corps (United Kingdom) — Sea Cadet Corps Active 1854 Present Role Volunteer Youth Organisation Headquarters …   Wikipedia


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