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scientific books

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  • scientific books — Publications of the writings of experts in medicine, surgery, mechanics, chemistry, nuclear science, and other fields of specialized learning. See books of exact science …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Scientific racism — denotes the use of scientific, or ostensibly scientific, findings and methods to support or validate racist attitudes and worldviews. It is based on belief in the existence and significance of racial categories, but extends this into a hierarchy… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific foreknowledge in sacred texts — is the belief that certain sacred texts document an awareness of the natural world that was later discovered by technology and science. This includes the belief that the sacred text grants a higher awareness of the natural world, like those views …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific skepticism — or rational skepticism (also spelled scepticism), sometimes referred to as skeptical inquiry, is a scientific or practical, epistemological position in which one questions the veracity of claims lacking empirical evidence. In practice, the term… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action — is a five volume set that represents more than a decade of scientific theological conferences sponsored by the Vatican Observatory and the CTNS. [ Arthur Peacocke, The Journal of Theological Studies, October 2003 volume 54, issue 2, pages 869 873 …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific jury selection — Scientific jury selection, often abbreviated SJS, is the use of social science techniques and expertise to choose favorable juries during a criminal or civil trial. Scientific jury selection is used during the jury selection phase of the trial… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific teaching — is a pedagogical approach used in undergraduate science classrooms whereby teaching and learning is approached with the same rigor as science itself.According to a 2004 Policy Forum [Jo Handelsman, Diane Ebert May, Robert Beichner, Peter Bruns,… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific romance — is a bygone name for what is now commonly known as science fiction. The term is most associated with the early science fiction of the United Kingdom, and the earliest noteworthy use of the term scientific romance is believed to have been by… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific pluralism — is the view that some phenomena observed in science require multiple explanations to account for their nature. Pluralists observe that scientists present various sometimes even incompatible models of the world and argue that this is due to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific citation — is the process by which conclusions of previous scientists are used to justify experimental procedures, apparatus, goals or theses. Typically such citations establish the general framework of influences and the mindset of research, and especially …   Wikipedia

  • Books of secrets — were compilations of technical and medicinal recipes and magic formulae that began to be printed in the sixteenth century and were published continuously down to the eighteenth century. They constituted one of the most popular genres in early… …   Wikipedia


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