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scale of production

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  • scale — scale1 [ skeıl ] noun *** ▸ 1 size/degree/level/rate ▸ 2 arranged set ▸ 3 relationship of distance ▸ 4 for weighing ▸ 5 series of musical notes ▸ 6 hard flat piece of skin ▸ 7 substance on pipes ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) singular or uncount the size of… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • scale up — verb increase proportionally scale up the model • Ant: ↑scale down • Hypernyms: ↑proportion, ↑rescale • Entailment: ↑increase • …   Useful english dictionary

  • scale — I UK [skeɪl] / US noun Word forms scale : singular scale plural scales *** 1) a) [singular/uncountable] the size of something, especially when it is big scale of: Is the Government aware of the full scale of the problem? on a… …   English dictionary

  • scale down — v. (D; tr.) to scale down to (to scale down production to decreased demand) * * * (D; tr.) to scale down to (to scale down production to decreased demand) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • scale back — PHRASAL VERB To scale back means the same as to scale down. [mainly AM] [V P n (not pron)] Despite current price advantage, UK manufacturers are still having to scale back production. [Also V n P] Syn: decrease …   English dictionary

  • Production leveling — Production leveling, also known as production smoothing or – by its Japanese original term – heijunka (平準化?),[1] is a technique for reducing the muda waste and vital to the development of production efficiency in the Toyota Production System and… …   Wikipedia

  • scale back/down — [phrasal verb] scale back/down (something) or scale (something) back/down : to decrease the size, amount, or extent of (something) The committee scaled down the budget. The company has scaled back production. We scaled bac …   Useful english dictionary

  • Production function — Graph of Total, Average, and Marginal Product In microeconomics and macroeconomics, a production function is a function that specifies the output of a firm, an industry, or an entire economy for all combinations of inputs. This function is an… …   Wikipedia

  • Scale model — A scale model of the Tower of London. This model can be found inside the tower …   Wikipedia

  • Production–possibility frontier — In economics, a production–possibility frontier (PPF), sometimes called a production–possibility curve or product transformation curve, is a graph that compares the production rates of two commodities that use the same fixed total of the factors… …   Wikipedia

  • Production theory basics — In microeconomics, Production is simply the conversion of inputs into outputs. It is an economic process that uses resources to create a commodity that is suitable for exchange. This can include manufacturing, storing, shipping, and packaging.… …   Wikipedia

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