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say above

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  • Say's law — In economics, Say’s Law or Say’s Law of Markets is a principle attributed to French businessman and economist Jean Baptiste Say (1767 1832) stating that there can be no demand without supply. A central element of Say s Law is that recession does… …   Wikipedia

  • above — [[t]əbʌ̱v[/t]] ♦♦ 1) PREP If one thing is above another one, it is directly over it or higher than it. He lifted his hands above his head... Apartment 46 was a quiet apartment, unlike the one above it... He was staring into the mirror above him.… …   English dictionary

  • above — a|bove1 W1S2 [əˈbʌv] adv, prep 1.) in a higher position than something else = ↑over ≠ ↑below ▪ Our office is above the hairdresser s. ▪ He had a bruise just above his left eye. ▪ I heard a strange noise coming from the room above. ▪ The great… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • above — /əˈbʌv / (say uh buv) adverb 1. in or to a higher place; overhead: the blue sky above. 2. higher in rank or power: appeal to the courts above. 3. before in order, especially in a book or writing: from what has been said above. 4. in heaven.… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Say Anything discography — Infobox Artist Discography Artist = Say Anything Caption = Max Bemis of Say Anything Studio = 3 Studio link = Studio albums EP = 4 EP link = EPs Compilation = 13 Comp link = Compilations Singles = 4 Singles link = Singles Music videos = 4 MV link …   Wikipedia

  • above — Some grammarians object to the use of above in the meaning of preceding or previously mentioned or written (the examples given above, the above examples). However, above can be an adjective as well as an adverb, so that no grammatical error is… …   Dictionary of problem words and expressions

  • say — 1. verb /seɪ/ a) To pronounce. Please say your name slowly and clearly. b) To recite. Martha, will you say grace? 2. interjection /seɪ/ Used to gain ones attention b …   Wiktionary

  • above-ground pool — /əˌbʌv graʊnd ˈpul/ (say uh.buv grownd poohl) noun a domestic swimming pool which sits above ground level (opposed to below ground pool, in ground pool) …   Australian-English dictionary

  • above-the-line voting — /əˌbʌv ðə laɪn ˈvoʊtɪŋ/ (say uh.buv dhu luyn vohting) noun Politics an optional method of voting in a Senate election by which the voter indicates their choice of the party or other groups given at the top of each column on the ballot paper above …   Australian-English dictionary

  • say's phoebe — ˈsāz noun Usage: usually capitalized S Etymology: after Thomas Say died 1834 American entomologist : a phoebe (Sayornis saya) of western No. America that is grayish brown above with cinnamon buff breast and belly, dark brown head, and black tail …   Useful english dictionary

  • above-award — /əˈbʌv əwɔd/ (say uh buv uhwawd) adjective → over award …   Australian-English dictionary


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