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rubber solution

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  • rubber solution — noun A solution of rubber in naphtha or carbon disulphide, for repairing pneumatic tyres • • • Main Entry: ↑rubber …   Useful english dictionary

  • rubber — 1. n. 1 a tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of plants or synthetically. 2 esp. Brit. a piece of this or another substance for erasing pencil or ink marks. 3 colloq. a condom. 4 (in pl.) US galoshes. 5 a person who rubs; a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • solution — n. 1 the act or a means of solving a problem or difficulty. 2 a the conversion of a solid or gas into a liquid by mixture with a liquid solvent. b the state resulting from this (held in solution). 3 the act of dissolving or the state of being… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rubber tapping — is the process by which rubber is gathered. An incision is made in the bark of a rubber tree, which cuts through the latex vessels that flow between the bark and the cambium. The latex then drips into a vessel. This industry is prevalent in areas …   Wikipedia

  • Rubber boom — The rubber boom was an important part of the economic and social history of Brazil, being related with the extraction and commercialization of rubber. This boom was centered in the Amazon, facilitating a large expansion of colonization,… …   Wikipedia

  • rubber cement — clear glue made of unvulcanized rubber in an organic solution (e.g. benzene) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Natural rubber — Rubber and India rubber redirect here. For other uses, see Rubber (disambiguation). This article is about the polymeric material natural rubber. For man made rubber materials, see Synthetic rubber. Latex being collected from a tapped rubber tree …   Wikipedia

  • Ant on a rubber rope — is a mathematical puzzle with a solution that appears counter intuitive or paradoxical. It is sometimes given as a worm, or inchworm, on a rubber or elastic band, but the principles of the puzzle remain the same.The details of the puzzle can vary …   Wikipedia

  • Plan Rubber — was the codename given to US military plans for the occupation of the Northern coast of Brazil during WW2. The plan was raised in response to concerns that Brazil would enter the war on the side of the Axis, or would at least act in a manner… …   Wikipedia

  • Silicone rubber keypad — Silicone Rubber keypads ( also known as Elastomeric Keypads ) are used extensively in both consumer and industrial electronic products as a low cost and reliable switching solution. Technology The technology uses the compression molding… …   Wikipedia

  • silicone rubber —    A cold cure molding polymer compound which can withstand the heat of molten lead. It is mixed from a rubber based solution and a catalyst. Silicone rubber is used for small scale casting. As a gel, silicone is available in tubes from any… …   Glossary of Art Terms

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