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root radius

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  • Radius of gyration — is the name of several related measures of the size of an object, a surface, or an ensemble of points. It is calculated as the root mean square distance of the objects parts from either its center of gravity or an axis.Applications in structural… …   Wikipedia

  • radius — (n.) 1590s, cross shaft, from L. radius staff, spoke of a wheel, beam of light, of unknown origin. Perhaps related to radix root, but Tucker suggests connection to Skt. vardhate rises, makes grow, via root *neredh rise, out, extend forth; or else …   Etymology dictionary

  • Radius of convergence — In mathematics, the radius of convergence of a power series is a quantity, either a non negative real number or ∞, that represents a domain (within the radius) in which the series will converge. Within the radius of convergence, a power series… …   Wikipedia

  • Radius of curvature (applications) — The distance from the center of a sphere or ellipsoid to its surface is its radius. The equivalent surface radius that is described by radial distances at points along the body s surface is its radius of curvature (more formally, the radius of… …   Wikipedia

  • radius of gyration — the radius of a cylindrical surface coaxial with the axis of rotation of a body such that if the entire mass of the body were concentrated in that surface the moment of inertia and energy of rotation would be unchanged the radius of gyration… …   Useful english dictionary

  • radius at the tooth root — 4.2.13 radius at the tooth root rb Источник: ГОСТ 28500 90: Передачи ременные синхронные. Термины и определения …   Словарь-справочник терминов нормативно-технической документации

  • radius at tooth root — 3.2.10 radius at tooth root rr Источник: ГОСТ 28500 90: Передачи ременные синхронные. Термины и определения ориг …   Словарь-справочник терминов нормативно-технической документации

  • Root test — In mathematics, the root test is a criterion for the convergence (a convergence test) of an infinite series:sum {n=1}^infty a n.It is particularly useful in connection with power series. The testThe root test was developed first by Cauchy and so… …   Wikipedia

  • radius of gyration — Physics. the distance from an axis at which the mass of a body may be assumed to be concentrated and at which the moment of inertia will be equal to the moment of inertia of the actual mass about the axis, equal to the square root of the quotient …   Universalium

  • radius of gyration — noun the square root of the quotient of the moment of inertia of a body, about a given axis, and its mass …  

  • nth root — In mathematics, the nth root of a number x is a number r which, when raised to the power of n, equals x rn = x, where n is the degree of the root. A root of degree 2 is usually called a square root and a root of degree 3, a cube root. For example …   Wikipedia

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