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  • 1 kross

    crusher, disintegrator
    Blakekross; Blake crusher
    centrifugalkross; centrifugal mill
    finkross; stone crusher
    grovkross; boulder crusher, breaker, coarse crusher, large crusher, stone breaker
    hammarkross; hammer crusher, swing hammer mill
    konkross; conical breaker, cone crusher
    käftkross; jack crusher, jaw crusher, jack, toggle jaw crusher
    pendelkross; swing crusher
    piggvalskross; toothed-roll crusher
    provkross; sample crusher
    raymondkross; bowl crusher
    ringkross; roller mill
    skivkross; disc crusher, bit crusher
    slagkross; impact breaker, impact crusher, percussion mill
    spindelkross; gyratory crusher, rotary crusher
    stenkross; stone crusher, stone breaker
    tuggkross; Blake crusher
    tvillingkonkross; twin cone crusher
    valskross; breaker, roll crusher, roll millvalsverk, rolling crusher

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > kross

  • 2 krossvals

    crusher roll

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > krossvals

  • 3 kvarn

    mill, grinding mill, grinding unit
    centrifugalkvarn; centrifugal mill
    flerkammarkvarn; compartment mill
    gallerkvarn; grate mill
    genomströmningskvarn; high discharge mill
    hammarkvarn; hammer mill, impact mill
    konisk kvarn; conical mill
    kulkvarn; ball mill
    porslinskvarn; jar
    roterande kvarn; tumbling mill
    rullkvarn; roll mill
    rörkvarn; tube mill
    skivkvarn; disc crusher
    stampkvarn; quarts mill
    stenkvarn; pebble mill
    stenmalningskvarn; stone-grinding mill
    stångkvarn; rod mill
    utösningskvarn; discharge chamber mill
    valskvarn; roll mill
    vibrationskvarn; vibration mill

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > kvarn

  • 4 matare

    automatisk matare; automatic feeder
    bandmatare; belt feeder
    excentermatare; pan feeder
    hängkedjematare; chain curtain feeder
    kedjematare; chain feeder
    konstantviktmatare; constant weight feeder
    lamellmatare; apron feeder, drum feeder
    reagensmatare; reagent feeder
    roterande matare; rotary feeder
    rullmatare; roll feeder
    skakmatare; jigger, rocker, shaker feeder, vibration conveyor
    skivmatare; disc feeder, rotary feeder, table feeder
    skopmatare; scoop feeder
    skruvmatare; worm conveyor, screw feeder
    vibrationsmatare; vibrating feeder

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > matare

  • 5 piggvalskross

    toothed-roll crusher

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > piggvalskross

  • 6 rulla

    roll, wheel

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > rulla

  • 7 rulle

    cylinder, drum, idler, reef reel, reel, roll, roller
    bandrulle; belt idler
    brytrulle; hoisting pulley, hoisting sheave
    magnetrulle; magnet pulley
    pålastningsrulle; impact idler
    självinställande rulle; self aligning roller
    spännrulle; belt tightener, straining pulley, stretching pulley, tension drum, tension pulley, tightening pulley
    styrrulle; carrying roller, guide pulley
    stödrulle; idler roll
    transportörrulle; conveyor idler
    ändrulle; tail pulley

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > rulle

  • 8 rullkvarn

    roll mill
    vibrationsrullkvarn; vibrating ball mill

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > rullkvarn

  • 9 rullmatare

    roll feeder

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > rullmatare

  • 10 rulltransportör

    roll conveyor, roller conveyor

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > rulltransportör

  • 11 separator

    elektromagnetisk separator; electromagnetic separator
    elektrostatisk separator; electrostatic separator
    gasseparator; gas separator
    magnetseparator; magnetic ore separator
    skivseparator; disk separator
    sovringsseparator; cobber
    spiralseparator; spiral separator
    starkmagnetisk separator; concentrated field separator
    treproduktsseparator; three product separator
    trumseparator; drum separator
    valsseparator; induced roll separator

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > separator

  • 12 stödrulle

    idler roll

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > stödrulle

  • 13 transportör

    belt, conveyor
    bandtransportör; belt conveyor, endless belt
    kedjetransportör; chain conveyer
    lamelltransportör; apron conveyor
    matartransportör; feeder conveyor
    rulltransportör; roll conveyor, roller conveyor
    sikttransportör; screening conveyor
    skaktransportör; jigger, oscillating conveyor, shaker conveyor, shaker chute
    skoptransportör; bucket chain, bucket conveyor
    skraptransportör; drag conveyor, scraper conveyor, scraper chain conveyor, trough conveyor
    skruvtransportör; screw conveyor
    åkbar transportör; shuttle belt conveyor

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > transportör

  • 14 vals

    cylinder, drum, roll, roller
    justerbar vals; flexible roller
    slät vals; smooth roll

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > vals

  • 15 valsa


    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > valsa

  • 16 valskross

    breaker, roll crusher, roll mill, rolling crusher

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > valskross

  • 17 valskvarn

    roll mill

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > valskvarn

  • 18 valsseparator

    induced roll separator

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > valsseparator

  • 19 verk

    plant, mill, works
    anrikningsverk; ore dressing plant, preparation plant
    graderverk; spray tank
    hydrerverk; hydrogenation plant
    kulsinterverk; pelletizing plant
    kvartsverk; quarts mill
    lakverk; leaching plant
    malverk; grinding plant
    pilotverk; pilot plant
    separerings¨; separation plant, sorting plant
    sinterverk; sinter plant, sintering plant
    sorteringsverk; grading plant
    sovringsverk; sorting plant
    stålverk; steel making plant, steel mill
    uppfordringsverk; hoist frame, lift frame, lifting device
    valsverk; roll mill, rolling mill

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > verk

  • 20 välta

    roll, tip

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > välta

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