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  • 1 roll

    1. गोला
    He has wasted a roll of film by exposing it.
    book wrapper is sold in rolls.
    2. सूची
    They have not included her parents name in electoral roll.
    3. गड़गड़ाहट
    There was a loud drum roll from the restaurant.
    1. घूमा
    Keep the cameras rolling.
    2. लुढकना
    She rolled over to her back.
    The ball rolled down the hill.
    The marbel fell and rolled away.
    3. लपेटना
    He always roll his own cigarettes.
    Roll the cheese in mashed potato.
    4. घुमाना
    The high tides rolled the boat from side to side.
    5. धीमे चलना
    The traffic rolled slowly forward.
    6. बेलना
    Roll out the pizza dough.

    English-Hindi dictionary > roll

  • 2 roll on

    1. रोल-ओन\{डिओडारेन्ट\}
    Now-a-days market is full of deodorants.

    English-Hindi dictionary > roll on

  • 3 roll

    गोला, लपेटा, घुमाव; लकडी का बेलन; एक प्रकार की रोटी; तम्बाकू का गोला या टिकिया; नामावली, सूची
    v. tr. & intr.
    घूमाना, घुमना, फिरना, लुढकाना, लोटना, ठोकरें खाते फिरना; बजाना

    English-Hindi new dictionary > roll

  • 4 roll bar

    1. धातु की छड़
    She got saved from the accident due to strong roll bar in her car.

    English-Hindi dictionary > roll bar

  • 5 roll call

    1. हाज़िरी
    There is always mass roll call in kendriya vidyalaya.

    English-Hindi dictionary > roll call

  • 6 roll of honour

    1. उपाधि प्राप्तकर्ताओ की सूची
    The roll of honour is given to the army personal who died in kargil war.

    English-Hindi dictionary > roll of honour

  • 7 roll-top desk

    1. खुलने वाला डेस्क
    Roll-top desks are used in primary section in K.V.

    English-Hindi dictionary > roll-top desk

  • 8 swiss roll

    1. एक प्रकार की मीठा केक
    My brother likes swiss roll very much.

    English-Hindi dictionary > swiss roll

  • 9 bank roll

    1. किसी\bank rollकी\bank rollआर्थिक\bank rollसहायता\bank rollकरना
    Indian cricket team is mainly bank rolled by soft drinks company.

    English-Hindi dictionary > bank roll

  • 10 after

    1. बाद\afterका
    We shall rectify these problems in the after years.
    1. बाद\afterमें
    The week after,I left for the U.S.
    2. पीछे
    He was ahead and I was standing after him.
    1. के\afterबाद
    We shall meet here the day after tomarrow.
    Day after day I tried to meet him but could not.
    My name comes after yours in the roll call.
    After all your ill conduct, I do not wish to speak to you.
    She arrived just after lunch.
    2. की\afterओर
    The children stared after the detectives dressed
    I ran after him to tell him to meet me later.
    I'm after a job in the hospital.
    3. के\afterबारे\afterमें
    I inquired after him and come to know that he was ill.
    4. के\afterअनुसरण\afterपर
    He was named after his grandfather and really emerged just like him.

    English-Hindi dictionary > after

  • 11 frankfuter

    1. फ्रैंकफुर्टर/धुएँ\frankfuterमें\frankfuterपकाया\frankfuterहुआ\frankfuterसौसेज
    A long thin smoked sausage,often eaten in a bread roll is called Frankfurter.

    English-Hindi dictionary > frankfuter

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