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roll in

  • 1 roll

    I 1. [rəul] noun
    1) (anything flat (eg a piece of paper, a carpet) rolled into the shape of a tube, wound round a tube etc: a roll of kitchen foil; a toilet-roll.) rúlla; strangi; spóla
    2) (a small piece of baked bread dough, used eg for sandwiches: a cheese roll.) rúnstykki, bolla
    3) (an act of rolling: Our dog loves a roll on the grass.) það að velta sér
    4) (a ship's action of rocking from side to side: She said that the roll of the ship made her feel ill.) veltingur
    5) (a long low sound: the roll of thunder.) druna
    6) (a thick mass of flesh: I'd like to get rid of these rolls of fat round my waist.) húðfelling, (fitu)keppur
    7) (a series of quick beats (on a drum).) léttur, hraður trumbusláttur
    2. verb
    1) (to move by turning over like a wheel or ball: The coin/pencil rolled under the table; He rolled the ball towards the puppy; The ball rolled away.) rúlla, velta
    2) (to move on wheels, rollers etc: The children rolled the cart up the hill, then let it roll back down again.) rúlla, velta
    3) (to form (a piece of paper, a carpet) into the shape of a tube by winding: to roll the carpet back.) vefja, vinda
    4) ((of a person or animal in a lying position) to turn over: The doctor rolled the patient (over) on to his side; The dog rolled on to its back.) velta (sér), snúa (sér) við
    5) (to shape (clay etc) into a ball or cylinder by turning it about between the hands: He rolled the clay into a ball.) hnoða, rúlla
    6) (to cover with something by rolling: When the little girl's dress caught fire, they rolled her in a blanket.) vefja inn í
    7) (to make (something) flat or flatter by rolling something heavy over it: to roll a lawn; to roll pastry (out).) fletja út
    8) ((of a ship) to rock from side to side while travelling forwards: The storm made the ship roll.) velta
    9) (to make a series of low sounds: The thunder rolled; The drums rolled.) drynja
    10) (to move (one's eyes) round in a circle to express fear, surprise etc.) ranghvolfa
    11) (to travel in a car etc: We were rolling along merrily when a tyre burst.) aka, keyra
    12) ((of waves, rivers etc) to move gently and steadily: The waves rolled in to the shore.) líða, berast mjúklega
    13) ((of time) to pass: Months rolled by.) líða
    - rolling
    - roller-skate
    3. verb
    (to move on roller-skates: You shouldn't roller-skate on the pavement.) renna sér á rúlluskautum
    - roll in
    - roll up
    (a list of names, eg of pupils in a school etc: There are nine hundred pupils on the roll.) (nafna)listi

    English-Icelandic dictionary > roll

  • 2 roll up

    1) (to form into a roll: to roll up the carpet; He rolled up his sleeves.) vefja (e-ð) upp, bretta upp
    2) (to arrive: John rolled up ten minutes late.) mæta, koma
    3) ((especially shouted to a crowd at a fair etc) to come near: Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the bearded lady!) koma nær, ganga fram

    English-Icelandic dictionary > roll up

  • 3 roll in

    verb (to come in or be got in large numbers or amounts: I'd like to own a chain store and watch the money rolling in.) berast í miklum mæli

    English-Icelandic dictionary > roll in

  • 4 roll-call

    noun (an act of calling names from a list, to find out if anyone is missing eg in a prison or school class.) nafnakall

    English-Icelandic dictionary > roll-call

  • 5 pay-roll

    1) (a list of all the workers in a factory etc: We have 450 people on the pay-roll.) launaskrá
    2) (the total amount of money to be paid to all the workers: The thieves stole the pay-roll.) heildarupphæð launa tiltekins fyrirtækis

    English-Icelandic dictionary > pay-roll

  • 6 rock'n'roll

    noun ((also rock-and-roll) a simpler, earlier form of rock music.) rokk, rokk og ról

    English-Icelandic dictionary > rock'n'roll

  • 7 sausage-roll

    noun (a piece of sausage meat cooked in a roll of pastry: They had sausage-rolls at the children's party.) kjötbaka

    English-Icelandic dictionary > sausage-roll

  • 8 toilet-roll

    noun (a roll of toilet-paper.) klósettrúlla

    English-Icelandic dictionary > toilet-roll

  • 9 somersault

    1. noun
    (a leap or roll in which a person turns with his feet going over his head.) kollhnís; heljarstökk
    2. verb
    (to make such a leap or roll.) taka heljarstökk; fara kollhnís

    English-Icelandic dictionary > somersault

  • 10 bolt

    [boult] 1. noun
    1) (a bar to fasten a door etc: We have a bolt as well as a lock on the door.) hurðar-/renniloka
    2) (a round bar of metal, often with a screw thread for a nut: nuts and bolts.) (ró)bolti
    3) (a flash of lightning.) elding
    4) (a roll (of cloth): a bolt of silk.) strangi
    2. verb
    1) (to fasten with a bolt: He bolted the door.) skjóta loku fyrir, loka
    2) (to swallow hastily: The child bolted her food.) háma í sig
    3) (to go away very fast: The horse bolted in terror.) skjótast
    - bolt-upright
    - boltupright
    - a bolt from the blue

    English-Icelandic dictionary > bolt

  • 11 cigar

    (a roll of tobacco leaves for smoking.) vindill

    English-Icelandic dictionary > cigar

  • 12 croissant

    (a crescent-shaped bread roll.) smjördeigshorn

    English-Icelandic dictionary > croissant

  • 13 curl

    [kə:l] 1. verb
    1) (to twist or turn (especially hair) into small coils or rolls: My hair curls easily.) krulla, liða
    2) ((sometimes with up) to move in curves; to bend or roll: The paper curled (up) at the edges.) bylgjast, vinda upp á sig
    2. noun
    1) (a coil of hair etc.) hárlokkur, sveipur
    2) (the quality of being curled: My hair has very little curl in it.) liðaður, krullaður
    - curly
    - curliness
    - curl up

    English-Icelandic dictionary > curl

  • 14 curl up

    (to move or roll into a position or shape: The hedgehog curled (itself) up into a ball.) hringa sig, hnipra sig saman

    English-Icelandic dictionary > curl up

  • 15 electoral

    adjective (of elections or electors: The names of all electors are listed in the electoral roll.) kjósenda; kosninga-

    English-Icelandic dictionary > electoral

  • 16 furl

    (to roll up (a flag, sail or umbrella).) brjóta saman, rúlla upp

    English-Icelandic dictionary > furl

  • 17 hamburger

    1) (a round cake of minced beef, usually fried.) hamborgari
    2) (a bread roll containing one of these.) hamborgari

    English-Icelandic dictionary > hamburger

  • 18 heyday

    (the time when a particular person or thing had great importance and popularity: The 1950's were the heyday of rock and roll.) blómatími, blómaskeið

    English-Icelandic dictionary > heyday

  • 19 hunger

    1. noun
    1) (the desire for food: A cheese roll won't satisfy my hunger.) hungur, svengd
    2) (the state of not having enough food: Poor people in many parts of the world are dying of hunger.) hungur
    3) (any strong desire: a hunger for love.) hungur
    2. verb
    (usually with for) to long for (eg affection, love). hungra (eftir e-u)
    - hungrily
    - hungriness
    - hunger strike

    English-Icelandic dictionary > hunger

  • 20 lurch

    [lə: ] 1. verb
    (to move suddenly or unevenly forward; to roll to one side.) slangra, slaga
    2. noun
    (such a movement: The train gave a lurch and started off.) velta, hliðarkast, slinkur

    English-Icelandic dictionary > lurch

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