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rim ring

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  • ring — ring1 [riŋ] vi. rang or Now Chiefly Dial. rung, rung, ringing [ME ringen < OE hringan < IE echoic base * ker > RAVEN1, CREAK, L corvus, crow] 1. to give forth a clear, resonant sound when struck or otherwise caused to vibrate, as a bell …   English World dictionary

  • ring — [n1] circle; circular object arena, band, brim, circlet, circuit, circus, enclosure, eye, girdle, halo, hoop, loop, ringlet, rink, round; concepts 436,446 ring [n2] group participating together association, band, bloc, bunch, cabal, camp, cartel …   New thesaurus

  • ring-canal — ringˈ canal noun 1. A circular canal within the rim of a jellyfish 2. A circular vessel of the water vascular system of echinoderms • • • Main Entry: ↑ring …   Useful english dictionary

  • rim — [n] border; top edge band, brim, brink, brow, circumference, confine, curb, end, fringe, hem, ledge, limit, line, lip, margin, outline, perimeter, periphery, ring, skirt, strip, terminus, top, verge; concepts 484,836 Ant. center, middle …   New thesaurus

  • rim — [1] The outer edge of a dented area in a body panel that is heat shrunk towards the center of the dent. [2] On a bicycle, the metal or wooden hoop of a wheel that holds the tire and tube and the outer ends of the spokes. [3] On a truck, the metal …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Rim (wheel) — The rim is the outer circular design of the metal on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles. [ [http://www.motorera.com/dictionary/RI.HTM#Rim Rim as defined by the Dictionary of Automobile Terms, undated] ,… …   Wikipedia

  • ring — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) v. encircle, girdle, environ, encompass, hem in; toll, chime, clang, peal, tinkle; resound, reverberate, reecho. See sound. n. circlet, circle, annulet, hoop, signet, girdle; machine, gang, clique;… …   English dictionary for students

  • rim — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) n. edge, border, margin, curb, brink. II (Roget s IV) n. Syn. edge, border, verge, brim, lip, brink, top, margin, line, outline, frame, band, ring, strip, brow, curb, ledge, skirt, fringe, hem, limit,… …   English dictionary for students

  • rim — rimless, adj. /rim/, n., v., rimmed, rimming. n. 1. the outer edge, border, margin, or brink of something, esp. of a circular object. 2. any edge, margin, or frame added to or around a central object or area. 3. the outer circle of a wheel,… …   Universalium

  • rim — [[t]rɪ̱m[/t]] rims 1) N COUNT: usu with supp The rim of a container such as a cup or glass is the edge that goes all the way round the top. She looked at him over the rim of her glass. 2) N COUNT: usu with supp The rim of a circular object is its …   English dictionary

  • Ring-tailed Lemur — Taxobox name = Ring tailed LemurMSW3 Groves|pages=117|id=12100056] status = NT trend = down status system = iucn3.1 status ref = regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Mammalia ordo = Primates familia = Lemuridae genus = Lemur genus… …   Wikipedia

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